Increase Your Visibility By Using Videos

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Search Engines Love VideosThe never-ending urge to ramp up your SEO drives business owners across the globe. In recent years, the best way to do that was by keeping fresh content on your page every day of the year. You’d spent countless hours typing away, hiring freelance writers, or respinning articles you found on the Internet just to keep your content relevant. While no one can argue that content drives in traffic and helps with your SEO strategy, it’s not the only way to increase traffic to your website.

Become The Competition

Whether you own a company website, or you’re a blogger earning an income online, you know all too well how real the SEO struggle is. You’ve got to stay a step ahead of your competition, but how do you do that when they’re updating their blogs quicker than you can type? Upload videos. Videos are becoming the new content king at a rapid pace. While sending sales letters and arranging employee meetings has been the norm for decades, videos are taking over that space at a rapid pace. You don’t want your company to be behind the times, you want to be leading at all times.

Why Videos?

Why Videos?

Let’s really think about this. If I hand you a 3,000 word article to read that utilizes white space, is broken up with sub headlines, and has a catchy title, you’re not likely to read it all. If I hand you a video that consists of the same exact 3,000 words, and the video is entertaining, you’re going to watch it. With the new digital era upon us, we’ve all grown lazy. It’s much easier to waste three hours on YouTube than it is to read a novel in the same amount of time. We’re visual people. Rather than sending your employees to seminar to learn more about new company policies, you can Skype them from the comfort of your office, or send them a tutorial video through your company email. It’s time for us to say goodbye to the days where videos were for robots. Videos are more interactive now than ever before and there’s no end in sight.

Search Engines Love Videos

Uploading videos regularly to a YouTube account and tying them into your website or blog can greatly increase the amount of traffic you’re seeing. This traffic, if you’ve worked everything else out the right way, will provide you with a much higher conversion rate. If you’re unfamiliar with conversion rates, that means that for every ten visitors you get to your site, one of them will purchase your service or product. Now, your conversion rate will hopefully be much higher than that, but we all have to start somewhere.

It Doesn’t Have To Be a Professional Production

Shooting Video on Smarthphone

Anyone can become crafty enough to use a cell phone or camera lens. If you’re not that talented, the chance of you having a friend who is that talented is very high. With apps like Instagram and Vine, you can quickly make a video ranging from 6 – 15 seconds that gets you enough publicity. If you’re not worried about marketing, you can follow the trend by using videos to aid in employee training, onboarding, interviewing potential employees, and support materials. Sure, videos seemed taboo before, but enterprises across the globe are utilizing video chat platforms and YouTube to reach out to the people around them.

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