Why Should You Include Online Video Marketing to Your Campaign?

Why Should You Include Online Video Marketing to Your Campaign

In five years, your favorite social media platform, Facebook, will be mobile and all video, according to a Facebook executive. It is no wonder Snapchat quickly dethroned Twitter making it at the top three social media platforms.

Because the future of online marketing involves a lot of relevant video content, marketers should jump on board. Else, they risk falling behind.

If you are not convinced yet as to why you must include online video marketing to your marketing campaign, we’ve highlighted some reasons you should be doing it now.

Videos are Engaging.

Our brain can process visual information faster than text. That’s why we seek out visual content, instead of reading large blocks of text. This trend translates to your marketing. If you include video in your content, it can increase wide readership or viewing. Your visitors will also likely to click on your post with a video.

But don’t just post a video. Make sure that it is unique and catchy. Bear in mind that the Internet is saturated with text and images. If you want to get your potential customers’ attention, you need to give them something they can’t resist.

Form Emotional Connection

If you can fully connect with your consumers, you can create a deep and personal relationship with them. Remember the Campaign for Real Beauty of Dove? The video showed simple stage but its theme about self-confidence formed a connection among women around the world.

Because of that regard, a lot of people can still remember that video and its message up to now.

Although it is difficult for your video to achieve millions of views, a well-crafted video can quickly pull the right type of consumers that can boost your business.

No Need for a High-Tech Video Production Set Up

You can use your iPhone or hire a video production agency that can create a dazzling video that’s within your budget. If you have the right budget, you can find a video production company that can give you the best feature for an affordable price.

Online Video Marketing to Your Campaign

Boost Conversion

Online video marketing can increase conversion rates. That is, your viewers can turn into revenue. But you can only achieve it if you have a well-crafted video. Online video can quickly draw customers as it can be used to persuade your clients to buy your products.


The next time you need content for your site, you should include videos in it to improve your marketing results.