In eCommerce & Sports, Best Defense is a Good Offense: Security in Focus

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There’s perhaps no more commonly repeated cliche in sports than “the best defense is a good offense.” 

The idea is that as long as the other team can’t score, you’ll have more opportunities to score and win. 

In the eCommerce world, the best analogy to “defense” might be “security.” Privacy is important to potential online customers. That’s true across practically any industry. 

If you don’t have good security, then you’re going to struggle to expand your customer base. It really is that simple. 


Concerned About Data Privacy? You Aren’t Alone 


SmarterHQ did a study and found that “86% of consumers say they are concerned about their data privacy.” 

Think about just how large that number is. 

More than ⅘ of customers are worried about the privacy of their data. 

That doesn’t mean that they’re going to base all of their decisions solely on their concerns about data security, of course. 

However, it means that it’s something they’re looking for. 

If someone else does a better job of data security, or, perhaps more accurately, makes a better show of doing more about data security, your customers could go to them. 

Taking care of your customers’ data is an awesome responsibility. There’s nothing wrong with showing customers a bit about how you’re doing so. 

For example, with many of our clients, we make sure to reference the security on the homepage. We also include some “broad strokes” about how we’ve helped to do so. 

In a way, it’s the digital equivalent of those “Protected by Security System” signs that you’ll see in front yards. 

It provides those who live and work there with peace of mind. Beyond that, it lets those who look upon the area with bad intentions to consider heading elsewhere. 


Customers Are Willing to Share Data – On Their Terms 


Even people that are worried about data security are willing to share it, provided it’s for something that they want. 

For example, to go back to that same study referenced above, 90% of folks are willing to share their data if it’s the only way they’re going to get exclusive discounts. 

Additionally, more than 80% of consumers are willing to share data if it means they’ll get products faster and easier, personalized recommendations, or to have any issues with the company resolved quickly. 

People want to share their data with your company. 

You have to give them a reason to do so. 


Security and Privacy Will Always Need to Be Addressed 


This blog was written on September 22nd, 2020, but the truth is that whenever you’re reading this, online security is going to be an issue. 

At any time, customers are going to be worried about their data and how you’re keeping it safe. 

Proving that you can do so and then actually doing it is one way to grow your customer base and expand on it. 

Of course, just about no one has ever said: “well, I’m going to buy from this company because I know they keep my data secure.” 

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