Improving SEO Content: Get Rid of Flabby Words

Improving SEO Content
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If you want to increase your website traffic, you need to attract the attention of your readers. But with the overabundance of online content, there is no reason why readers should read your content if it isn’t engaging them. Improving SEO content is a priority when it comes to attract traffic to your website.

One way to disengage your readers is to produce verbose content with weak words and expressions that don’t get to the main point. In the battle for the reader’s attention, make sure you aren’t making the following mistakes:

Using Too Many Words

If something can be said in one word instead of three, the former is the preferred method of writing. Adding useless words does nothing but make your content a pain to read. Getting rid of these redundant words and phrases makes your writing flow smoother, and is likely to retain your reader’s attention.

For instance, saying that something is “large is size” is the same as saying that something is “large”. Only difference? Word count. Decrease it.

Improving SEO Content

Using Flabby Expressions

These expressions, like redundant words, do nothing to improve your writing. Instead, they act as fillers for limited content and create the illusion that the writer is saying more than they actually are. For instance, “in the event that” is the same as “if”. However, the former is unnecessarily long, more suitable for academic prose than for online content. It can bore your readers and make them more likely to move on to more reader-friendly content.

Not Saying What You Mean

Your readers should not have different interpretations of your content. This, of course, requires more effort from the writer. Don’t let that deter you. Oftentimes, using rich, specific language will reward itself by enticing readers, and leaving them with concrete ideas that will stick in their heads, instead of easily forgotten.

Improving SEO content with professional help

Powerful writing is a difficult skill to master. If you notice that your audience is not engaging with your content, make sure you’re not making the above mistakes when creating your content. For professional help with creating high-quality content for search engine optimization, reach out to Website Depot for our writing services.