How to Improve Pinterest Pins for SEO?

How to Improve Pinterest Pins for SEO

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine. With that in mind, you can also use it to improve your online presence so other users will discover you.

It has more than 100 million users. These users are actively searching and pinning new photos based on their interests. However, not all marketers are taking advantage of that number.

If you want to use it, though, you need to make sure that your pins are optimized so that others can discover them.

SEO optimization for Pinterest isn’t that complex. Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your Pinterest Pins so they can be found.

Optimize your Pinterest profile

That is, you should tweak your profile and pick an appropriate username. Use a username that reflects your business and how you want to be discovered.

Optimize your Pinterest boards

Make sure that your boards are organized and appealing. Pay attention to the details. You can be playful with the images and titles.

When you choose a board’s title, think about what the user will type to find your boards or pins. Your pins can be witty and funny but make sure that they’re optimized so other users can find them.

Optimize descriptions

Pinterest prefers pins that offer thoughtful description so users can easily find them when they perform a search. That said, make sure that you add all details that perfectly describe your photo and create a flow of text that makes it easier to be discovered by others.

Improve Pinterest Pins SEO

Conduct keyword research

To find the right keywords for your Pinterest pins, you need to perform extended search. Try how the social networking search works so you‘ll know the type of results that show up first.

You should also try Pinterest’s mobile version because more and more people are using it for the sake of convenience.

Verify your website

Above the rest, Pinterest prioritized verified sites to appear in search results. It increases your authority and ranking on the searches.

Verification also enables you to access Pinterest Analytics so you can better understand the performance of your boards and presence.

Use the site on a regular basis

To improve your Pinterest Pins for SEO, you also need to be consistent in pinning or sharing. There’s no reason to be obsessed with it. But you need to have a content calendar and pin interesting content several times every week.

And when you do pin, make sure that you’re following the PInterst ideal size for photos. It should be 736x2000px