Importance of Responsive Web Design

Importance of Responsive Web Design
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Are you thinking of responsive web design? Well it is a worthy course based on the advantages attached to it. With the current trends as far as internet usage is concerned, you cannot ignore the importance of responsive web design. Just for the sake of it, what is a responsive web? In simple and clear terms, it means you don’t have a separate site for mobile, tablet, and desktop. With a responsive website, it will display on whichever screen size it is being displayed on. Just for the sake of it, the traditional web design was only for desktops. They couldn’t be displayed on mobiles devices, not to mention tablets.

So, why is a responsive site important? Do you need a responsive site?

Inarguably, in the current day and age, you need a responsive site. It will come more in handy that the other alternatives. The other alternative you have is to create a separate mobile and tablet site. With a different mobile site, you will need to increate lesser items compared to the desktop version. With two different sites, it may pose a challenge when it comes to maintenance. For example, it is challenging to analyze the sites with Google analytics. Secondly, it will cost you more to maintain two sites. What are the benefits derived from a responsive website?Responsive-web

First, it improves usability. As earlier mentioned, with two different sites, users will have to redirect to the mobile site. What happens to those users who had already experienced the desktop version? It has been shown that, the majority of will those users who redirect from the desktop version to mobile version of your site; they still want to experience the same items on the mobile version. If not, they will immediately hit the back button, something you definitely don’t want, right? Well,

Second, is due to the amount of traffic originating from mobile devices. Do you know that the majority of internet users use mobile devices to access the net? It is projected that this number will grow and it will keep growing, the thing is, your business needs this mobile originating traffic to grow. At the same time, you cannot overlook desktop originating traffic. To tap on these two opportunities, you need a responsive website.

Third, responsive websites helps tackle content duplication. Assuming you were to go for the separate versions, it would mean your content would be more likely to be hit by Google panda. If not, it takes complex strategies to make the two versions recognized as one. This is bothersome and it may end up bringing visitors to the wrong version. With a responsive site, it means you have your content in one place, which cuts done the above complications.

Lastly, responsive sites help when it comes to link building. Every link you build for your desktop website version is also a link for the mobile version. In addition, as mobile sites are still new, it means that competition in mobile searches is lower because of few backlinks. As mobile backlinks increase traffic, the desktop version will also be playing its part. In general, these two will be working hand in hand which means a stronger backlinking profile.

So, don’t wait any longer, adopt a responsive site today and start ripping the benefits in time.