Importance of Mobile SEO

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Google’s latest algorithm is aimed to prioritize sites that are mobile-friendly. Although the search engine giant didn’t confirm it, SEO experts are saying that sites that are mobile-unfriendly will be penalized. That said, site owners should know the importance of mobile SEO.


Why should you implement mobile SEO on your site?

One of the reasons your site has to implement SEO is that it improves user experience. This will improve your chances of converting your visitors into customers. If your visitors can’t read the content of your site, they’ll immediately leave uninspired.


Mobile SEO is essential increasing average time on site. Remember that users who use their mobile devices are on the go. If your visitors can’t navigate your pages, they’re more likely to leave without converting.


Generally, it proves your business in several ways. Google has announced before that its SERPs were redesigned so they could pull up search results that are compatible with mobile devices. When you have implemented mobile SEO, you can get more traffic and better engagement as 80 percent of Internet users today are mobile users. Thus, this isn’t a surprise for the search engine giant to include this factor in ranking a site.


The goal of a mobile SEO is to improve user experience. It’s one of the reasons Google has included it in its algorithm so visitors will get their best online experience. When your site is mobile optimized, Google can give you a better ranking.

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Now, the question is how should you implement mobile SEO?

The first thing that you can do is to avoid Flash. Bear in mind that this program isn’t available on all devices. Instead of using Flash, you should opt for HTML 5. It’s also not a good idea to use pop-ups as they don’t go well on mobile. Then, make sure that your pages don’t have elements that are too big, small or close together.


When you implement mobile SEO, you should keep in mind that a mobile user doesn’t have enough physical space when searching online through a mobile device. The best practice is to make sure that the information is concise without even sacrificing essential information.


Remaining proactive about SEO developments will ensure that your site will grow and evolve into a more search engine-friendly. At SEO Expert Danny, we make sure that your site is viewable  regardless of the device being used. Talk to one of our experts to know how you can implement mobile SEO to your own site. Please call us at 855-605-7361