Identifying Exactly Who Your Competition Is and Overcoming Them 

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To beat your competition, first, you have to know who they are. 

That might sound like something from Sun Tzu (or even the classic film “Mystery Men”) but it’s true. 

When most business owners think of “the competition,” they tend to think of similar businesses they’re competing against. Other companies in their industry, their town, and so forth — for many, that’s their direct competition. 

However, it’s not their only competition. 

Often, one of the first steps our full-service digital marketing and web designing services company will take with a client (or even prospective client) is to sit down with them and determine exactly who (and what) their competition is. From there, we’ll put together a plan that works. 





There are many great insights to be gleaned from this article.

One of the best is how the “old truth” is that “you are competing with your competitors.” Then, it’s revealed that the “new truth” is “you’re competing with the last best experience your customer had.” 

This is especially true since the pandemic began. 

As “digital transformation accelerated overnight,” “the customer expects so much more than just a seamless digital transaction.” Indeed, “now that companies have (customers’) personal data, (customers) want anticipatory, personalized experiences across the entire customer journey.” 

You probably don’t have to search far to find examples of this 

Speaking for myself, there are definitely many takeout and delivery restaurants that I’ve favored over others due to better email marketing, discounts, a simpler to use website, and more. They handled (more or less) all of the work for me; I just had to pick what I wanted. 

In the past, that might have just been true for food delivery. Now, it’s true for just about everything. 

If you don’t provide that great customer experience, you run the very real risk of losing customers to someone that does. 




So many of the companies we work with know who their competitors are. 

But, they don’t know what their competitors are doing online. 

Sure, they might see their social media, video marketing, email marketing, and the like. But, they usually don’t know what their competition is doing in terms of SEO. That’s the kind of thing that you usually can’t see without the help of a professional. 

With that, you can know definitively what your competition is doing. For so many, this is a real “a-ha” moment. This can be extremely helpful if you’ve been sitting there wondering “how does my competition always seem to be a step ahead?” 

Initially, it can be a bit intimidating (particularly if your competition is strong). But, like so much else that seems intimidating at first, it’s ultimately empowering. When you see what they’re doing and why, you can figure out a plan that can help you to compete better and win. 

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