HTML5 Techniques for Responsive Design

HTML5 Techniques
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Ever since Google announced the importance of a responsive design in ranking a website, this kind of design has become a web standard. Many companies accepted the challenge and created a design that resolves an issue of cross-platform. Here are some HTML5 techniques to keep in mind when building a responsive design.

Responsive images

Images can attract visitors. That said, they must also be responsive.

Make them fluid.

By inserting max-width: 100%, for instance, your image will follow the width of the container.

For example if the maximum width container is 600px, the image will also be displayed at 600px.

HTML5 Techniques

Responsive videos

This is also the same as making images responsive. In order to make a HTML5 video responsive, you just need to add the code “max-width: 100%.”


This is one of the many things that you should be aware of.

If there are more than two navigational menus, you should include a simple menu on the screen.

You should create a single icon that opens into a drop down menu so it’ll have additional menu items.

Google Design Standards

When creating a responsive design, make sure that you have read what Google has recommended.

Google has its own standards when it comes to designing sites to be viewed with a mobile device. Find out more about them so you will know what to do to make your site viewable on mobile devices and it also loads quickly.

Responsive image with the use of cookies

Another way to make images more responsive is to use cookies. They can serve smaller images to display them clearly on mobile devices.

With this technique, each time a browser makes a request of a file from a server, it forwards cookie data automatically together with the request.

All subsequent requests made will pass the data to the server. This will help the server know the screen size of the device, which is asking for that file.

Apart from designing your website to be responsive.

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