How We Use CBD SEO Keywords to Rank Your Company

How We Use CBD SEO Keywords to Rank Your Company

The cannabis industry is a cut-throat market. New technologies, brands, and products each year vie for the number one position. It’s vital to your business to utilize CBD SEO keywords regardless if you’re a manufacturer, cultivator, or dispensary. Here’s what our experts are saying.

Rank Your Business First

Think about what you do when searching for a product or service on Google. You typically click a few links on the first page, right? You probably update your search If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first page. This is how most people use search engines.

In fact, the first page of Google has around 71% of search traffic clicks. This percentage has been as high as 92% in some cases. Second-page search results are only yielding about 6% of all search clicks. 

It’s crucial to rank your business at the top of search queries to drive traffic to your website. If you’re not first, you’re last in the internet age. What is one of the ways we can rank your site, you ask?

Use Relevant CBD SEO Keywords

People will never find your brand If your site doesn’t contain the terms people are searching for. That’s why choosing relevant keywords is essential to driving traffic to your website and generating customers. 

Our team of SEO experts utilizes different methods for keyword research and implementation. We may use keywords such as “CBD products” or “CBD vape” to bring customers to your digital storefront.

We also implement long-tail keywords to drive more qualified leads. Long-tail keywords will contain three or more words. Customers are more likely to use long-tail keywords when using voice search or when they’re nearing the end of their buyer’s journey. For instance, we may use long-tail phrases such as “CBD cream for pain” to help shoppers find your products.

We Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Utilizing the best protocols for title tags and meta descriptions are other ways we rank your site. Title tags are the first thing people see when in search results. Crafting a compelling title tag compels customers to click on your site and engage with your products.

Underneath the title tag is the meta description. Meta descriptions are a quick summary of the page to give readers an idea of what to expect before they click. By providing your audience an accurate representation, you build trust and generate more conversions. We also utilize action-oriented language to drive potential customers to make a purchasing decision.

We Optimize Your Local Presence

Your local presence is vital to building your brand and generating leads. People are typically searching locally when they’re looking for products and services. You can miss out on valuable traffic and customers if you aren’t optimizing your local keywords.

We utilize common keywords in your area to drive local traffic to your site. For example, we may use phrases such as “CBD Products in Los Angeles” to bring in members from your community.

Hire an SEO Expert Today!

The cannabis and CBD market is a tooth-and-nail industry. Thankfully, you can utilize our services to have a competitive advantage over your colleagues. Our team of SEO veterans will find the right keywords, publish valuable content, and expand your online presence. Through off-page SEO and local SEO terms, we’ll help you bring in long-lasting customers.

Get in touch with your own SEO Expert at! Discover more about our services or by calling our office number (213) 322-0770, so you can speak with a member of our staff so you can arrange for a consultation. Let us give you the expert advice, insight, and assistance that can make a difference to your business.