How to Use Pokemon Go for Your Marketing Campaign?

Use Pokemon Go for Your Marketing Campaign

Pokemon Go is already a hit. Its daily users have surpassed Tinder. Soon, it would overtake Twitter’s users. Its appeal crosses age boundaries. Those players who are in their 20s and 30s do remember this game. Kids, these days, are starting to notice how fun it is to play within the pocket monster world.

With its wider demographic reach, it has so many potential uses for all marketers.

So, how can you take advantage of its popularity?

Offer Discounts

One of the things that you can do with the Pokemon Go app as a marketer is to provide discounts. It is especially useful if your business is near a PokeGym. If you have a restaurant, offer a discount to those hungry users who may be driving by. You can also offer a giveaway tent with free food. Doing it this way will help you grow our local visibility.

Now, if your business is not food-based, you can still take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze by giving away t-shirts with your company’s logo or offer charging stations. Since Pokemon Go players are on foot, you may provide free water bottles.

When these users feel comfortable with your local business, they may be likely visit your shop again.

One of Pokemon Go’s features is its ability to go to a location and get bonuses. These places are known as Pokestops. To make these Pokestops enticing is to utilize a lure module. It causes Pokestop to attract more digital monsters to that location. It ensures that more players would come to that Pokestop.

Pokestops refresh every five minutes. Thus, when people visit one, they have to wait very long to have another one. That said, you can keep those players longer in your shop.

Take part in the conversation

Most of the shared social posts, these days, are associated with Pokemon Go. Players love to share jokes about the game while non-players like to poke fun at those players.

Listen to this conversation and use it to create timely social posts that can help you get a ton of shares and engagement.

Use Pokemon Go for Your Marketing Campaign

Promote the monsters

Even if you do not like to play the game, you can still be part of the game by letting your employees monitor the game. When a monster shows up in your shop, go to Twitter or Facebook to get the word out. Tell your followers that you have a Pokemon monster in your place.

Then, if you have a rare Pokemon in your shop, you should expect players to flock into your establishment.

These are just a few ideas on how you can use Pokemon Go for your marketing campaign. As the game matures, there are plenty more ways to take advantage of it to market your brand.