How to Use Attorney SEO to Promote Your Blog

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Attorney SEO is no different from other types of niche-specific SEO, it is all about finding your target audience within the realms of your own industry. Oddly enough, you operate in an industry where there is plenty of competition, but where the online spectrum is so broad that there are plenty of areas that are ripe for exploitation.

Attorney SEO And The Finite Approach

Trying to hunt down new customers is actually the wrong way to go. Address your marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as if you were addressing regular customers. This plays into the fact that attorneys have a finite service, and for some reason, when services are finite (like proofreaders, voice actors, etc.), the “New customer focus” often comes across as desperate. Do not use keywords or SEO methods that attract new customers. Use the sorts of keywords and techniques that attract people who are already accustomed to your services. You will gain more traction as an established business and will not have to compete with the ten-a-penny services out there that are begging for clients.

Attorney SEO

Tailoring Your SEO

To continue the trip into the realms of direct SEO, angle your marketing as if you are hunting for people who are already well aware of modern attorney services and who are looking for you by name. Be sure to get your website on “Google My Business” and strictly limit your Pay Per Click advertising to detailing what you do rather than giving offers.

What About New Customers?

You may not be hunting them, but many are going to find their way to your website. Simply have a menu option on your website, a link in a visible place, offering advice to first-time users. Something like, “I Have Never Hired An Attorney, What Do I Do Now?” This leads to a page that introduces your services and gives people advice on what to do next. Again, you are going to attract plenty of new customers and your starter page/article will help them, but this shouldn’t be the focus of your SEO.

Guest Posts on Other Websites

Offer your advice on legal issues as guest posts on other websites. You are looking for a followed link from their website to your website. People see that other website, read your article, and then follow the link to your website. This is fine on its own, but the guest post also shows the search engines that you are an expert on certain subjects, and so ranks you up for those subjects. On a similar note, do not write guest posts about non-legal subjects or about services that you do not offer. Also, similar advice-giving posts on social media should link back to your website, preferably back to suitable pages that match the content that brought people to you.

Using SEO The Right Way

Even with the tips on this article, getting your SEO right is tricky. It is not like driving a car where there are a pre-determined set of rules and skills to learn. When it comes to SEO, it is more of an individually tailored experience. What works for you may not work for your competitors. That is why you need the help and advice of experts like SEO Expert Danny. Any help you need in pushing your project forwards, SEO Expert Danny can help.