How to Truly “Own” Your Marketing 

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Obviously, since a word appeared in this article’s title in quotation marks, I’ll be using it in multiple ways.

In our digital age, it’s more important than ever to have precisely targeted marketing that reaches the most potential customers, etc., etc. 

That said, as this excellent article states “far too many entrepreneurs settle into a comfortable rut where they’re doing the same thing and getting increasingly diminishing returns.” 

I would amend “entrepreneurs” to “small to midsize business owners” and even “marketers.” 

Now is a great time to “take stock” of your marketing. 

You should be checking your analytics often. 

So much of what we do here at our full-service agency digital marketing company is seeing what works and what could be improved. 

Early March is a great time for a “spring cleaning” of your marketing, as it were. You’re a couple months removed from the new year, so you’ve had time to see how your newer strategies are working out. You can alter them if necessary. There are some things to keep in mind as you move forward. 



A “Diverse Portfolio” 


Typically, a “diverse portfolio” is mentioned in regards to your finances, but it’s something that you’re probably going to want to cultivate in your marketing, too. 

For example, Facebook marketing is important. We certainly use it for ourselves as well as many of our clients. 

With so many options, it’s easy to rely entirely on Facebook. 

That’s probably not the best idea, however. 

As the above-referenced article says, “from a practical standpoint, we should never have relied so heavily on Facebook in the first place. Or any single channel, for that matter.” 

This is 100% correct. 

We make sure that our clients’ marketing targets as many potential customers and clients as possible. However, we make sure to do that on multiple platforms. 

The truth is that in 2021, the digital age really is upon us. Specifically, “us” as in “all of us” – the entire world. So, just about every company’s client/customer base isn’t just going to be on one app, on one platform, only using one site for research, etc. By keeping a “diverse portfolio” of methods through which to reach your customers, you’ll always be in a great position to do so. 



“What You Own” and No One Else 


Often, when we meet with prospective clients for the first time, we ask some version of: “what makes you special? What makes your company stand out from the rest?” 

I usually ask some version of that question on my podcast with our clients. 

As the above-referenced article says, podcasting can help there, too. 

“… Most podcasts are unscripted, so you’re getting the hosts’s and guest’s true, authentic self, and you can easily see how podcasts help to build powerful relationships with your audience.” 

A while back, I had one of our clients on our podcast. We had a great time. I learned a lot. Far more importantly, of course, the client was able to get their message out to more of their prospective customers. 

A few days later, the client reached out to me and said something like: “Hey, I’m sorry I was nervous and stiff.” 

I laughed. They were fine. 

I told them the truth: “you were great. You were real. Someone good at their job, who’s passionate about that, just letting more folks know how they could help. It’d be weird if like, you were a trained Broadway performer, or trying out your new hour of stand-up comedy, you know?” 

To have a good podcast, you don’t need to have all kinds of show business experience. Your passion and expertise can come out just from you talking about it. 

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