How to Suppress Negative Results in Google Search

Suppress Negative Results in Google
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Are you desperate to bury a negative report about your business which is currently at the top of the results page when visitors search for your company? Many businesses realize that these negative pages can be extremely damaging to their reputation, and although it was once seen as a problem only suffered by big brands, it is now affecting the profits and brand reputation of even small businesses. Knowing how to suppress negative results in Google Search is vital, and there are several ways that it can be done, including seeking the help of a professional team.

Suppress Negative Results in Google

Create a stronger online presence

If you are seeing other people’s websites pop up in the first page of search engine results for your company, then you don’t have enough internet presence. You should know that the click-through rate for the first result on page one is nearly double that of the second and third positions combined. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just leave your negative reviewer on number 2 or 3. For ideal results, you have to be the most dominant results on the page. You need to close down your negative reviews by body-slamming them off of the first page. Do this by using a professional team who knows how to suppress negative results in Google Search, who can help you to add better SEO.

Respond positively

So, you have a negative review – so what? If it is only a single result, then you could turn the result on its head by posting a reply to that review on the website. Make your rebuttal clear, and if you feel that you have been misrepresented, then complain to the webmaster or moderators. Be polite at all times, and offer concrete evidence that demonstrates the unfairness of the review. You can also add more social network links, including public profiles on other blogs, which will help to move your negative review out of the way in a subtle fashion.

Manage your reputation to suppress negative results in Google

If you have a negative review, then it is important to manage your brand with online reputation management. The most important thing is to keep your cool, and not to be abusive to the reviewer. You might feel like it, you might want to defend yourself, but it is the worst thing that you can do, as it will call more attention to the review, boosting its presence in search engine results, and it will also make your company seem unprofessional and immature – neither of which are positive brand features.