How to Start Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

How to Start Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign

A new year has come and you’re still not sure how to start your SEO campaign. If you’re new to this strategy, it’s ideal to hire an expert. Search engine optimization by SEO Expert Danny can help you set up a content SEO campaign so you can improve your likelihood to surpass your competition. 

Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert Danny

The first step in an SEO campaign is to assess or audit your site. This will help you know whether or not it is in good shape. The SEO experts utilize a few tools to check out your site’s speed and backlinks. Then, they’ll assess your 404

 s and other technical aspects that significantly affect your ranking. All technical aspects must be fixed before you can move to the next step. 

Know the Most Important Pages of Your Site 

By knowing what parts of your sites require optimization, you can understand what to tackle first. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to know what are the most important pages of your site. In most cases, the pages that you want to show to your new customers aren’t actually visible to them. Instead of guessing what the most important pages on your site are, you should look into your analytics. You can find there what pages are making you money and which ones provided you with a lot of traffic. 

Start Keyword Research 

This step lets you have a deeper understanding of what your audience is looking for. You must know the words they are using when they use Google and other search engines. Researching these words is like getting in the mind of your audience. In that way, you will know the right terms to target. When researching keywords, you should not limit yourself to one tool. Instead, opt for various tools that can provide you with many related key terms. Google Trends, for instance, is an underrated tool that allows you to find terms that you need to focus on because your target audience is using them. 

Set Up Realistic Goals 

It’s important to realize that your site can’t start ranking for the keywords you are targeting overnight. It can take weeks or months. And if you’re in a competitive niche, it will be even harder to rank for some keywords. But it’s not impossible. You just have to focus on specific, long-term keywords to stand out. 

Analyze Your Competitors 

Analyzing your competitors can help you identify gaps in their SEO strategy that you can capitalize on. Look at their website structure, content, backlinks, and social media presence to see where you can improve. Knowing what your competitors are doing to rank higher than you will give you some insights on what to do to outrank them. 

Search Engine Optimization by SEO Expert
Create High-Quality Content

Content is a key component of SEO. Create high-quality, informative, and engaging content that your target audience will find valuable. Make sure your content is optimized for the keywords you have identified. Creating content, however, is a time-consuming process. This is where search engine optimization by SEO Expert Danny comes into play. Talk to us to know how we can help you create content that improves engagement, catches the attention of your readers, and boosts your leads and sales. Contact us today.