How to SEO Promote Websites in Affiliate-Unfriendly Genres (Violence, Adult, Etc)

Why does violence and adult material matter when promoting a website via SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? In many cases, it does not matter at all, but there are several rules regarding adult/violent content, especially when it comes to affiliate advertisements. This article explains the problem and how to get around it.

Search Engine Optimization

Adult Content

From this point, let’s call all of these things Adult Content:
• BitTorrent content
• Utorrent content
• Sharing sites
• Violence
• Pornography
• Hacking content

When this article mentions “Adult Content” it is referring to that type of content.

What is the Problem?

Google and Bing make SEO more difficult for website content that is not in-line with their affiliate advertising schemes. For example, if your website features videos of people hunting rabbits, then that website will be banned from ever having Google Ads or Bing Ads advertisements on it.

There is nothing illegal about things like BitTorrent content, Utorrent content, sharing sites, violence, and pornography. Obviously, there are illegal uses of the content, such as sharing stuff you shouldn’t share, or child-endangerment videos, and so forth. But, on their own, things about BitTorrent, Utorrent, sharing sites, violent content and pornography are not illegal.

Why Does This Harm Your SEO?

Google and Bing will never add advertisements to your website if it has adult content, so it is not in their interest to promote your websites over other websites that “do” contain their affiliate advertising.

Also, Google and Bing do not like to present you with adult content by accident, so your search terms have to be more specific. For example, you could be looking for toilet brushes, and type in a whole range of nutty search terms and still find toilet brushes. However, to find adult content, you “have” to search for very specific words otherwise it will never come up in your results.

The Most Common Misconception

Most people think they can promote adult content by simply back-linking from other adult websites, but this is not true. Adult websites are able to rank up the search engines in two ways.

The first is to have very specific keywords. For example, if you have just added a new copyright free book to your sharing site, then create its own page, and make sure you include the book’s title in full as a keyword, plus its ISBN, its author, and even the fact that it is a free book.

The second method is to rally help from your viewers. It is the long-standing forum admins, forum posters, social media influencers, and cult-website owners who propel your content to the forefront; after which point you may start taking the more traditional branding method.

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