How to Remove Negative Google Search Results

Negative Google Search Results

No matter how credible your company is, the hard truth is that there are some negative criticisms about you online. They can be written on blogs and forums that you don’t want your present and potential clients to spend time reading.

Whether the criticism is warranted or not, there are strategies that can push those negative thoughts of your company as far down as possible. There’s no possible way to remove it from the search results, unless you’re working at Google.

Negative Google Search Results

Create a Positive Online Presence

This will include creating several online profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others. Then, join online directories.

Each time you make content on your site, it has to be search engine optimized. In this way, it’ll appear on top of the Google search results. Signing up and registering for those social media networks is a good way to go. But you must use it daily to obtain high search returns, thereby pushing down the negative ones.

Write Often

You should start writing posts for your blogs. And do it as often as you can. But make sure that you blog well. Blogging is one of your allies that can effectively push down Negative Google Search Results and somehow remove them.

You’ll be able to beat the negative criticisms. However, it takes to achieve success in it.

Avoid Referencing or Linking to Them

Don’t be like other companies that link offensive or negative blog posts about them to their websites. If you do so, you’re only giving them valuable link juice. This will give a signal to search engines to keep Negative Google Search Results and note it as relevant.

What you can do is to talk about the negative blog post or criticisms about you and answer them via your own blog post. It will turn the negative into positive over time.

Engage with the Positive Results

Each time you see positive results on various online portals, you should quickly engage and thank them. Blog about those positive comments. Then, create links to those results and reward those givers. Make those positive comments more known to the public. Never let this chance pass you by.

Ask Google to Remove It

You may ask Google to remove the negative results from their search results. To do so, you need to contact their customer support. Unfortunately, it almost never works. This will only work if the post could warrant legal action.

As you wait for those comments to be pushed down below, you should continue creating value to your customers.