How To Recognize Scammer SEO Services in Los Angeles

SEO services in Los Angeles

Are there scam SEO Services in Los Angeles? Who would do such a pointless thing? The truth is that wherever there is money, there are people looking to scam you. Modern SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are a massive industry with more niches than the music industry, and some SEO services are selling you sizzle when they should be selling steak. Here is what you should know about scammers in the modern SEO services industry.

Sending Paid Traffic to Your Website With Click Farms

This is common among most varieties of marketing companies. They claim they are doing something or other, and suddenly you start receiving lots of traffic to your website. Only a tiny minority actually buy or subscribe, unless your subscriptions are free, in which case you get lots of subscriptions. Yet, as soon as you stop paying the company because your contract is over, suddenly the attention stops, so you run back to them to rekindle the magic. The only problem is that you were receiving paid traffic from click farms, which is of no use to you and may even be damaging to your SEO.

They Are The Ones Making the Purchases So They Look Effective

A similar trick to the one above is to make purchases a variety of their friends’ accounts to make it look like their services are doing a good job. They get their friends to make a series of small purchases and then claim the credit for these purchases. What’s more is that when real people do make purchases during these periods, the scammers take credit for those sales too. So, when you go paying $1000 per week for marketing, and you start receiving $400 per work extra sales, you can probably guess where those sales are coming from.

Passing Off Old-Fashioned SEO Advice Even Though it is Redundant

Old fashioned SEO about keywords, backlinks, pictures, spelling, and grammar have been redundant since 2014, but they are very easy for a scammer to pass off as good and useful advice. They are a series of baby steps that the scammer can claim they took to improve your ranking on the search engines. The worst part is that older books and e-courses still claim that old-fashioned SEO methods still work, which helps scammers sell their services. Some things that used to matter simply do not matter anymore. A good example is spelling and grammar. Back in the olden days, poor spelling and grammar were very bad for your SEO, but these days it doesn’t matter. You can have the worst spelling and grammar on the Internet, but if people are coming to your website repeatedly, then Google will pick up on it and start ranking you up.

What Else Should You Look For?

Perhaps one of the biggest indicators is when you try to push the SEO Services in Los Angeles for answers and specifics, and they cannot give you them. In fact, they will brush you off and try to make you feel silly for asking. If you have ever come across these sorts of people, they are the absolute worst to the point where it will irritate you for days afterward.

Try to opt for established companies that have a proven track record. If a company has been around for a long time in the SEO industry, then they must be doing something right. If you need top-quality SEO services, then get in touch with Website Depot Inc today and discuss your next project.