How to Make Your Marketing More Empathetic Right Now 

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Are you tired of reading articles that say your marketing should “be more empathetic,” but then don’t explain how to actually do it? Does it feel like every blog suggesting you should utilize “empathetic marketing” speaks in generalities and never gets specific? 

The problem with buzzwords is that they’re, well, buzzwords. 

“Empathetic marketing” can be an incredibly powerful tool, especially now. But, you have to know what it means and how to do it. 

Too often, “empathetic marketing” is basically explained as “being nice.” 

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing bad about being nice. Making sure that your marketing is kind in tone and suggestion, giving to charity, taking your workers’ concerns seriously – those can all be a kind of marketing that’s “empathetic.” They’re good ideas, certainly, regardless of anything having to do with marketing. 

Below are some actionable steps from our plastic surgeon, rehab, and attorney SEO pros for how to make your marketing more empathetic today. 

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New Way to Look at “Empathetic Marketing” 


Put yourself “in your customers’ shoes.” 

That’s the real key to empathetic marketing. 

Now, you may be rolling your eyes. 

“That’s it???” you might ask. “That’s the big key we read over two hundred words to get to? We already put ourselves in our customers’ shoes every single day!” 

Don’t just say that you’re doing it. Actually do it. 

A great way to start: try to buy something from your company. 

Go through your website. 

When you open the website, what do you see? 

Is everything clearly and cleanly laid out? Would a customer be able to find what they’re looking for easily? Do they have to deal with videos that pop up out of nowhere? Are those videos loud? Is it simple to find something that’s very popular? How easy is it to find something that isn’t so popular? 

For people who come to your site seeking solutions, are those solutions accessible? 

When you/they buy something, are they immediately shown a whole bunch of other things that they may not want to be? 

If there are chatbots, are they responsive? Do they answer questions promptly? If they don’t have an answer, how long do they take to direct the person asking to someone who may be able to help? 

All of those questions lead to real empathetic marketing. 

“Empathetic marketing” isn’t just about being “nice,” “positive,” or “upbeat.” It’s making your marketing better for customers, perhaps a bit at the expense of making marketing better for you, the business owner/marketer. 

After all, the definition of “empathy” is “the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.” 

Or, put another, perhaps easier to read way: “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.” 

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Empathy in All Marketing 


Now, with the above in mind, do you see how that can be utilized in the rest of your marketing? 

You can make your email marketing more empathetic right now. Tailoring it to what your customers might most be interested in, making it easy for them to unsubscribe, giving them the option to ignore emails/posts about a holiday that could be sensitive (Father’s Day, etc.). 

All of this empathetic marketing offers many benefits to your company, not the least of which is building trust with your customers. 

That’s what turns casual customers into customers that stick with you for a long time. 

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