How to make SERP listing stand out

Have you been trying to get your site rank high but it all seems like a blunt try? It is not that you can’t, but you just haven’t found the right way to do it. Some of the strategies provided online are stuffy materials that are confusing, or difficult to comprehend. Here are simple, straightforward, and clear three points that you will find useful…they have to me. Currently, Google has cut down the default first page from ten listings to seven. This means increased competition to those struggling to list on SERP, but with the expertise of doing it, it is just fun.

However, why should your SERP listing stand out and appear on the Google search page? It is the best way of attracting organic traffic. With increased traffic, you expect the conversion to be high and at the end of the day, increased sales, which is what every marketer wants, isn’t it?

The first strategy is the use of Google site links. If you search for a particular item online, Google with return a number of results and one will have what I commonly referred to as a “break-down”. For example, if you search for a phrase, for example, “search engine journal” there are a number of listings below the first list, these are the site links. Unfortunately, there is no way you can create site maps. It is a result of Google listing which is a result of the site’s relevancy. The only thing you can do is create a number of web pages on your site. For site links to appear on your listings, you need to have valuable content that attracts visitors. With increased traffic to these pages, Google considers them of value, and to you, it is simply a privilege.3d man climbing graph

The second is Google authorship. When it comes to SEO, we will agree that we all want strategies that we can directly work on. This is why it is frustrating with site links, but not with Google authorship. You can take advantage of this strategy to develop powerful snippets that are will rank high in SERP. As per Google authorship guidelines, you can send more info about the content appearing on your site to Google search spiders. When your content is listed on SERP, the additional descriptive info is also added meaning extra data and images.

It might sound like a lot of work, but it is worth it. Apart from listing in SERPs, enhanced content allows for more click-through. How is this possible? From the search user, these listings with Google authorship enhanced content have pictures, author information, and links to more content. In addition, they appear more friendly to the user hence increased chances of click-through.

The third strategy to improve SERP listing is the use of copywritten snippets. You realize that the above two strategies are limited in application, right? You can create additional pages to your site as well as create authorship info, but there is no guaranteed Google will add it to your site. Relax; here is one strategy you can employ directly to your content: use of copy-written content for Meta tags. The majority of SEO persons will copy-paste the first few sentences of their content to the Meta tag section, but to separate yourself from the pack, customize your content to create appeal and interest from the reader.