How To Increase Sales Using Pinterest?

how to increase sales with pinterest

Millions of people are using Pinterest. They search, pin and share images. That said, this social networking site is a great tool to build awareness and drive sales. But how can you use it to fill the sales funnel?

Use its keyword targeting

Pinterest offers specific features that can be useful in building a target audience and one of them is keyword targeting. Users utilize these keywords when searching on Pinterest. Besides keyword targeting, interest targeting can also help in building a target audience. The social network determines a user’s interest according to the pins he engages with and saves. Your promoted pin shows up in his home feed. Pinterest also features lookalike targeting. It works the same way as Facebook’s targeting feature. That is, it lets you upload customer list and the network targets audience similar to the behavior and characteristics as those found in your customer list. Use the act alike and keyword targeting more often as they tend to be more effective in getting your brand in front of your target audience. However, it’s ideal that you maximize these targeting options to discover and engage new audiences so you can drive them to your site and boost sales. But you must not use Pinterest as a way to receive immediate purchases. Instead, use it as a long-term play where you develop brand awareness and build your audience.

Later on, as they get to know your brand and products, you can easily convince them to make a purchase.

 Increase Sales Using Pinterest

Capture them for remarketing

After engaging with your audience, capture them for remarketing. But ensure that every link on your Pinterest ads has a label “Pinterest.” Doing so will help you identify that these people came through Pinterest. From there, you can understand whether or not these audiences are converting into sales. Use a dynamic remarketing to include the products the users visited on your site. Then, take advantage of your audience list by adding it to your shopping campaigns. The goal here is ensuring you’re bidding more aggressively. In this way, you can be sure that your target audience who engaged with your Pinterest ad will visit your site and become familiar with your brand. With so many features available, Pinterest can be quite challenging to use.

That said, you may need to hire an expert in Pinterest marketing. Here at Website Depot, we have our social media marketing team who can handle and manage your Pinterest ads. Call us today for an initial consultation: (213) 322-0770.