How to Improve Rankings and Traffic for Older Content?

How to Improve Rankings and Traffic for Older Content

You have a lot of content on your site. Some of them might have been on top of the Google search engine results pages. But others are sitting on page five. How can you improve the rankings of your older content? Should you hire an SEO consultant for it? You bet you should. 

Unlock Your Older Content’s Potential by Hiring an SEO Consultant 

The first step to improving rankings for older content is to evaluate internal pages that compete against other pages for optimization. A consultant can help you with that. Here are some of the things to consider: 

Improve Page Speed 

No one wants to wait for a page to load. If it is taking too long for your page to load, your visitors will leave. That’s why Google encourages site owners to make sure that their pages are loading fast.

Use a Tool 

You can use a lot of SEO tools to help you with this goal. But if you are working with an SEO consultant, you don’t have to do it. The consultant will do all the work for you. The goal of using an SEO tool is to find your competing pages. Once the results are available, you can start looking at the page experience. 

  • Find out if it offers the best experience for the users. 
  • Know if the article is good or how can you improve it. 
  • Delete pages that are not performing. You might have those pages on your website that don’t make sense because you simply want a copy to hit a certain word count. 

Build Internal Links 

Links are vital in SEO. Although links from other websites are useful, you should not dismiss the value of internal links. But you should not link to that page for the sake of doing it. Instead, look for related articles and link them. Then, start attracting backlinks by promoting your great content to other site owners. You can also promote it through your social media accounts. 

Evaluate Page Experience 

The first thing to test here is to examine how the page loads. Use Google Pagespeed Insights to know why your site is loading like a turtle. The results will also show you what fonts are slowing down the page and the scripts that affect your site’s performance. 

Get Noticed 

Even if you have the best content, it will not be noticeable to your potential clients. The only thing you can do is to promote it on various channels. You can start contacting media professionals to share your content with their audience. But to stand out in your competition, make sure that you email them with your best copy. 

Don’t Struggle to Promote Your Older Content 

Boosting the ranking of your older page can take a lot of time. You may struggle to do it right. And that’s why a lot of successful businesses are hiring the best SEO consultant in the industry. If you wish to get a consultant who can give your site a huge boost, please talk to us here: (855) 605-7361.