How To Hire SEO Service in Los Angeles… and Avoid the Worst!

How To Hire SEO Service in Los Angeles… and Avoid the Worst

There are plenty of online articles telling you how to hire the best SEO Service in Los Angeles, and mostly all of them say the same thing. It is almost as if the top result on Google is being rewritten over and over again. Does nobody ever ask how to hire the worst company? Perhaps if we had more insight on the hiring of a poor quality company, we could better avoid it. Perhaps we could improve our chances of hiring a good company by simply cutting out the bad ones from our selection process. Here are a few ideas on hiring the worst company so that you can avoid doing so.

The Ones That Push

If a company is pushing you to make a purchase. If they have limited-time offers and are trying to pressure you into buying, then they are probably a poor-quality company. Think about how restaurants work. When a restaurant is good, they are booked up for months, they are not running offers and they are not pushing you to make a purchase. If a company is really pressuring you to buy, or they are littering your email inbox with offers, then they are probably a poor-quality company.

Look For Negative Reviews

These days, you can pay Chinese click mills to post hundreds of positive and neutral reviews of your service. It is easy and it is very cheap. That is why you cannot trust online reviews, even if the reviews are posted on legitimate websites. However, you can learn a few things from their negative reviews.

If the company has several negative reviews and most of them say the same things, then those reviews are probably true and there is probably something wrong with this company. For example, when an SEO company has slow or bad customer support, then people mention it online and several reviews often make similar “Bad Support” claims. If the reviews are oddly mixed, then they may not be true unless they are fairly spaced apart in terms of time.

When They Only Have Positive Reviews

As an extension of the last section, if a company has “No Negative Reviews” then this is a very bad thing. People think that a company having no negative reviews is a good thing, but you have to remember that even the best companies will have negative reviews. If an SEO service has no negative reviews, then they are either suppressing their negative reviews, or they keep changing their name so that they can avoid their bad reputation. A company should have at least some negative reviews unless it is super new.

Opt For Established Companies

Moving on from the points made in the previous section, it is okay for a new company to have no negative reviews, but you probably shouldn’t risk buying from them. Let other people test them out. You should pick SEO Service in Los Angeles from companies that have been around for a long time. From a company that has had a chance to fail and has still done well. For example, the team at Website Depot Inc has been running for years, and they are still in business because they do a good job. If they were ripping people off or doing a bad job, they would have gone out of business years ago. If you need rock-solid and reliable SEO services, then the team at Website Depot Inc is the one for you.