How to Help Google Help You Get More From Your Deals 

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“Whenever we do something, it feels like Google’s working against us.” “We’ve been making changes, but it’s not being reflected in our ranking.” At our personal injury lawyer SEO company, we’ve heard complaints like these from potential clients often. 

They’re not true. 

Google isn’t “working against” any company or anything like that. 

In fact, the opposite is true. 

Google wants to help. 

Google wants to connect the best companies in any industry to Google’s users. 

Now, Google may drop a company’s rankings for different reasons. Far, far more often than not, those reasons are due to something the company did that wouldn’t help their customers. 

Google wants the people who use Google to find the best option of what they’re looking for. Additionally, Google wants companies to use Google for advertising so as to connect to more customers. 

That certainly comes through in a recent Google blog about deals. 

personal injury lawyer SEO


Deals Pages Today, Deals Pages Forever

Recently, Google wrote the blog “Engage Shoppers With Deal Pages in Google Search.” 

Google recommends that you “get the most out of Google Search deals carousel by creating deals pages for more sales events.” 

If you read our blogs in the last year, you know that Google recommended making “dedicated pages for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” 

They want you to do that well before the date (so that Google has an opportunity to index them), use quality images, follow “standard SEO best practices,” etc. One important tactic Google recommended: reusing the same URL every single year. 

Now, Google has gone beyond that. 

In their updated recommendations, they recommend you “create a dedicated page for each promotional event.” 

So, that means you’d do this for other “special promotional events,” and not just Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and so forth. 

This is a very clear example of Google doing what it can to connect businesses to customers. Customers are looking for deals. Businesses are offering more deals to reach more customers. So, Google wants to connect the two. This is an opportunity from Google. They are explicitly telling you how they can help you to get more business. It doesn’t get a lot clearer than that. 

personal injury lawyer SEO

An Example (and How We Can Help) 

As this blog was written in late July, “Back to School” is, literally, right around the corner. So, this might be time for your business (should it pertain to you) to put together a “back to school” sale. Maybe you’re having one day (or a few days), late in August or even in early September, when you’re going to really offer some steep discounts. 

So, put together a sale for that. 

Sure, it’s not early-early, but, it’s early enough that Google could index it before the sale (depending on your date). 

Then, should this be a hit, you can reuse this every year. 

Now, if you read the Google blog, the last part of it covered what to do “if you reveal sales details on the day of the event.” 

That says to “include general information about the event in advance so Google can understand that the page is relevant, and then ask Google to recrawl your page after it is updated to increase the likelihood that your updated content gets indexed in time.” 

That might sound like a lot of work. However, it’s exactly the kind of thing that we can help with. 

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