How to Find the Best Law Firm SEO Company

best law firm seo company
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Marketing a law firm is not always easy. In fact, for a long time, it was not even legal to do so. Luckily, though, regulations have changed and it is not unusual to see the names of law firms plastered across billboards, bus benches, and in print ads. While those traditional advertising methods still hold value, to really attract clients in this day and age, you need to have a solid online presence. While having a website is a solid and necessary start, you should also be thinking about how people are getting to your website. Word-of-mouth referrals are typically important to the health of the legal practice, but you should also consider that many people use Google to find a lawyer. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) becomes your friend. By using a strong SEO strategy, you can get more traffic to your site, and in turn, more conversions. Since SEO can be a complicated, rapidly evolving practice, you may want to work with a pro, and in that case, finding the best law firm SEO company is vital.

What Makes the Best Law Firm SEO Company?

Think for a moment about how you find products you look for online. Do you search a few key terms–typically from your phone–and then click on one of the top results? If you are like most users, the answer is yes. Having a high ranking on Google and other search engine results pages (SERPs) is a must for generating organic traffic. The simple truth is that most people are not going to scroll through pages and pages of results. Instead, they are likely to click on a site in the top three results, trusting that the search engine has placed the most relevant pages there.

When looking for the best legal SEO company, you should look for an agency that will take a multi-faceted approach to your marketing strategy. Getting your website to rank highly on SERPs will require a diverse array of tactics. An experienced SEO strategist will review the keywords your potential clients are searching for and strategically place them throughout your site’s on-page and metadata content. Those words on the page matter though, and Google is going to place a greater emphasis on content that is well-written and authoritative. This means that your blogs and internal site content should be written by legal professionals who know what they are talking about.

best law firm seo company

Work with a Strategist Who Understands the Legal Space

Legal matters are often complex and challenging to understand for those who do not work in that space. At Website Depot, we have SEO strategists that are uniquely in tune with the nuances of legal marketing. We understand that law practices have to observe certain regulatory requirements when it comes to marketing, and we also know how to present you as a trustworthy resource to those searching for legal representation. To schedule your initial consultation with one of our SEO experts, contact us today.