How to do Content Optimization for Voice Search

how to do content optimization for voice search
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Voice Search is here to stay. Thanks to devices like Alexa and Siri, plus the capabilities of every smartphone used in America, around a billion voice searches are made every month nowadays. And obviously, learning how to do content optimization for voice search has become fundamental for every marketer.

While the idea of voice search is natural for most users and business owners, understanding how people do those searches and successfully apply it to a Digital Marketing Strategy  is not that easy. In this article we will highlight some useful tips on how people use voice search and what is it that they are looking for when they use it to find content.

Understanding People’s Conducts

There is something elemental yet unknown for many people when it comes to voice search: we do queries in a different way when we type and when we talk. The structure of the sentences is different, and so is the keyword phrases you need to use. Optimizing for questioned-based terms is fundamental. A typed query that said, for example, “Madonna’s age” is now “how old is Madonna?” for voice search.

how to do content optimization for voice search

Another important dimension of voice search is semantic search. This is directly linked to the way we do queries in this type of search and how an initial query can be chained to another related ones. Taking the previous example, to the question about “how old is Madonna?” you could add some others like “where was she born?”, “does she have kids?” and so. This capability of voice search is something new in marketing, and understanding it definitely helps to create better content that provides multiple answers to voice queries.

Long-tail Questions Keyword Phrases  

Incorporating question keyword phrases into blog content and landing pages is the foundation of search Engine Optimization for voice search. This strategy gives you the best results if you can rank for Google’s paragraph answer featured snippet. Voice assistants take these snippets to provide answers and on top of that, in impacts general SEO in a positive way.

Structure is something important when you try to rank through these snippets. The answers that Google picks form them are very concise and include many of the query keywords. Additionally, it is recommendable to use headings that lead search engines to know that you’re providing answers to a question. All this makes it easier them to pick and pull the content you create for these snippets.

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