How to Create Good Mobile PPC Ads

Mobile PPC Ads
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Not so long ago it was necessary to create multiple PPC campaigns differentiated by device. That way you could divide the messages whether they were for desktop or mobile devices. With the advent of massive mobile usage, this process seemed to have become even more complex. Specially, if mobile users are your target audience. Generating good mobile PPC Ads is a practice that requires a special treatment. 

Even though they may look the same initially, desktop and mobile searches are definitely not the same. Not only for the obvious structural differences but also because both are more prompt for different types of queries. For example, a desktop user could find a descriptive text of a store more useful than a mobile user, who at the same time would appreciate specific data like address or opening hours.

Custom Mobile PPC Ads for Your Business

The previous example of desktop vs. mobile user intention is a good starting point to create your mobile PPC Ads. Of course, you’re not denying from the other. So you can start with your desktop version and then customize it for your mobile ad. The mobile version should feature store locator, mobile ordering, customer service contact info, mobile appointments and other mobile-only features that apply to the query.

Even though you would use desktop ads, you can still set your preferences to prioritize mobile if you wish to. This is usually found in the “advanced options” section as a mobile device preference box or an ad extension. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising also feature the option of using mobile URL. This is a great way to lead traffic to a home or landing page that features responsive web design or mobile functionality.

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How to Optimize Your Ads for Mobile

The first trait you should take care on your mobile PPC Ads is the headline. Aside of catching people’s attention at once, they need to let mobile users know right away there’s a product or service for them when they click it. Short, simple, clear sentences like “find a store near you”, “Call us for more information” or “get a free quote now” are good examples of this. 

Just like the headlines, the content in the body of your PPC ad also needs to be brief. That way it will be easy to read on a smart device screen, which is smaller than a desktop computer. The body also allows you to expand the information you’re already providing on the headline. You should include more useful information about location, distance, working hours and so. “Open now” is one of the simplest, most common yet effective examples of this procedure.

CTAs and Extensions

There’s a specific part of PPC ads and content in general that many marketers and even content writers sometimes miss: the call to action. How can you lead people to acquire a service or buy a product if you don’t tell them how to do it? In the case of mobile ads, it is advisable to combine your mobile proposition with some simple calls to action. It’s certainly good to be as original as it gets but if you can’t reinvent the wheel, you might just use what proves to work well:

  • Call now to make an appointment
  • Download our mobile app
  • Get Instant Quote
  • Subscribe Now!
  • Apply now from your mobile
  • Visit a location near you
  • Stream from your phone

Call extensions are also a useful tool to add a phone number to be especially shown on mobile devices. They work on Google Ad or Microsoft Advertising. Users can just click a button in your mobile ad to call you or visit your website. You can also use promotion extensions to offer discounts and promotions at the bottom of your ad. These extensions can be easily set up when you change your device preferences to mobile.

Another type of extensions that have fallen to under-use but are still effective are Message Extensions. They’re proven to be particularly useful to advertise small and medium size businesses. Message extensions have systems in place that react to text messages from prospects.So you as a marketer have the option to receive text messages derived from your ads. When a user sends a response to these ads, the message is automatically sent you by text message or forwarded to your email.

Hire Premier Google Partners to Handle your PPC for Mobile

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