How to Create Content to Boost Your Attorney SEO 

how to create content to boost your attorney seo
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Does it feel like your attorney SEO is stuck in a rut? Do you churn out content day after day only to get little in terms of an SEO bounce? This is more common than you might think. The truth is that, for lawyers as much as those in any other industry, SEO is highly competitive. So many out there are doing everything they can to climb the rankings. Thus, it’s not about just doing the work. Rather, it’s about doing it the right way. We can help. 


Here at Website Depot, I’ve created content for many lawyer clients over the years. In that time, they’ve been able to climb the Google Rankings. Of course, to climb the Google Rankings is to engage in only half the battle. It’s really all about conversions, about getting the prospective clients to reach out to you so that you can sign them. Great content can help with that. 


Below are some tips that I use when I’m creating content for my lawyer clients. I try to keep these in mind whether I’m writing blogs, service pages, creating videos, doing a podcast, or anything else. 


What Do Prospective Clients Want to Know? 


Always remember: if someone goes online to look up a lawyer, they have specific reasons to do so. Maybe they have questions about some facet of the law. Perhaps they’ve gotten into a situation where they might need an attorney. Or, maybe they have a case and need to find the absolute best attorney in their area. Your content should be able to address all of these prospective clients and others. 


When it comes to content creation, go back to the fundamentals. They have problems. You have solutions. That’s what should come through in all of the content that you create. 


Those are some of the reasons that, for so many of my clients, I’ve created FAQ pages. These “frequently asked questions” delve deep into one topic or another, providing prospective clients with all that they’ll need to know. 


Answer Frequently Asked Questions Frequently 


That said, I don’t leave the answers to the most frequently asked questions exclusively in the FAQs. Instead, I make sure that those are used in blogs, in videos, podcasts, and more. 


We’re an “omnichannel digital marketing agency.” That means that we provide digital marketing services across all channels. So, if you go to our clients’ sites, depending on their customized packages, you’ll find content across platforms. Blogs. Service pages. City pages. TikTok. Booklets. Videos. So much more. 


All of it, at the end of the day, answers the questions that prospective clients might have. Yes, they each do them in a unique way, but they all focus on providing real people with real solutions. 


What Do You Want Your Clients to Know About You? 


It’s one thing to create the content. It’s something else entirely to present it. This is true across all platforms and all mediums. 


When you sit down to create your content, ask yourself: “How do I want prospective clients to see me? To see my firm?” You can control all of that through your content. Branding is crucial. SEO and really, all of digital marketing, when done right, puts you in the driver’s seat. You have complete control over your brand and you can make it what you want. 


In your writing, for example, you can make it more informal, more conversational. You could also choose to use more “legalese,” incorporate more legal jargon, and so forth. Most of my attorney clients find that they’re best served by a combination. 


They wish to be seen as authoritative, experienced professionals capable of connecting on a human, emotional level. As compassionate as they are knowledgeable, they are ready and able to support a prospective client through every step of the process. 


Consistent Branding 


Of course, doing that on camera is different than doing it on the page. Many of my clients opt for both. Having worked on camera with many attorneys over the years now, you want to go on camera and come across as an approach expert. You’re someone who’s ready to take their case, fight for them, win for your client, and you’re also someone that your client would be glad to have over for dinner. 


For many pieces of content, that’s usually how I approach the last pass, the final polish. I ask myself: “Does this represent how the client wants to be viewed?” By doing so, it allows me to see what I’ve created from a broader perspective. It can make all the difference when it comes to growing your firm for not just today but tomorrow and into the future. 


Omnichannel Digital Marketing


Those are just some of the things I keep in mind when I’m creating content for my lawyer clients. The truth is that I’m a content creator for a digital marketing agency – not a lawyer. I have all day to think about this. My lawyer clients don’t. They have to gather evidence, speak to clients, negotiate with insurance companies, go to court, talk to opposing counsel, and so much more. Indeed, those are many of the reasons that lawyers rely on us for their content. 


That said, lawyers rely on us for so much more than just content. Here at Website Depot, we have an entire digital marketing team. We’ve got so many skilled professionals who design websites, handle all aspects of SEO, run your social media as it should be, manage your Google Ads, and so much more. We can do all of that while you win for your clients. 


To see how we can help you, schedule a free consultation with us through our site or by calling.