How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?
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Google released several changes to its SERP. It has removed the sidebar ads that appeared in the right part of the results. The ads were transferred to the above section of the SERP. With four sponsored results on top, there are fewer slots available left for organic results to appear above the fold.


By adding ads on top, users have to scroll down before seeing organic results.


Thus, a lot of marketers are asking about how the changes will affect marketers. How can they compete effectively with the latest changes?

Make your content stand out

The latest release of the SERP of Google means that competition has become tighter. With this in mind, it’s important to give your audience a content that they want. Your content must answer your customers’ needs, so you have to write what your customers think are interesting.


You can start by knowing the topics that are in demand and produce contents from those topics. Your content should include videos and infographics that address the questions of your target market.


Since ads will be more increasingly visual, you must make sure that you’re using all available resources for your brand to remain relevant.


To stay relevant in your niche, make sure that you’re using meta tags and schema. In this way, your website will be accurately represented.

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

How to Compete Effective on the New SERP of Google?

Develop a strong media presence

Social media have become increasingly popular for marketers. Regardless of the channel, you’re using, you can interact with your potential market directly. You can answer their question while you establish your brand as an authority in your niche.


It’s also easy to share and promote your content through social media, allowing you to grow your audience effectively. This type of promotion can attract more attention and help increase your backlinks and traffic rates, as well as engagement.

Provide them with outstanding experience

It’s not enough to give your audience the right content. You should stretch beyond what content you can put online so as to provide them an outstanding experience each time they visit your site. It will improve your reputation while bringing new customers to your website.


The review sites are becoming more popular. Your customers can learn more about the most famous companies in a certain niche through those sites. If you have built an excellent customer experience, you’re helping your business improve its reputation through reviews sites and word-of-mouth.


To help you out in competing more effectively on the new Google’s SERP, you should consider hiring an SEO consultant to help you out.

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