How to Choose the Right Keywords for a Good SEO for Lawyers

SEO for lawyers
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Many articles that say they’ll help your firm to have “good SEO for lawyers” simply write “choose the right keywords” towards the beginning of the article and move on. 

It’s as if this is an automatic process, a fait accompli, something that takes care of itself. 

That is not the case. There’s a process to it. 

Doing it properly ensures that you’ll get the most out of your SEO work. 

SEO for lawyers

The Fundamentals 

You know what kind of law your firm practices in, so you probably already have an understanding of some of the keywords you’re going to focus on. 

It’s important to note that they probably aren’t all of the keywords that you’ll want to rank for. 

To make sure you use everything, write out all of the words as well as phrases that characterize what your firm does. 

Should you ever be stuck, even for a moment, ask yourself: “what would a potential client search for online?” 

Often, the more comprehensive you make this initial list, the better. 

You don’t have to try to rank for all of these keywords. Should you think of too many, you can simply ignore them. 

Don’t be afraid to “go deep” here. 

For example, if your firm does personal injury law, you probably want to rank for some version of “personal injury lawyer,” “personal injury law firm, etc.” 

But, you may also want “accident attorney law firm,” “car accident lawyer,” “car accident attorney,” etc. 

There’s nothing wrong with being very specific here. 

Many lawyers, when researching their keywords, start broad and get increasingly precise. 

“Personal injury attorney” leads to “car wreck attorney” and then to “big rig accident lawyer,” “slip and fall premises attorney,” and so forth. 

You can always trim keywords you aren’t going to focus on. But, writing down everything you may want to rank for makes it far less likely that you’ll miss a keyword that could be an opportunity. 

SEO for lawyers

The Second Step of Keyword Research: Modification 

Speaking of “specificity” in regards to keyword research, consider adding modifications to some of the keywords you already have to find even more. 

Many of these are what are referred to as “longer-tail keywords.” These can be beneficial to your firm for many reasons. 

They’re more specific, which could give you a better chance to convert a potential client who is looking for a particular service or kind of help. 

Often, they’re less competitive, too – giving you a better opportunity to rank at or near the very top. 

So, consider thinking of modifying words that precisely describe your services. 

Many lawyers will think of “best accident lawyer,” etc. But, think of words such as “mediating,” “negotiating,” and so forth. “Mediation accident attorney,” “negotiating car accident settlement,” and so forth could get you even more clients. 

Local, Local, Local 

If you’re like so many other firms, you’re going to want to get as many of your clients from your community as possible. 

Your keywords should reflect that. 

“Personal accident attorney in Silverlake,” “accident attorney in Van Nuys,” and such – insert your firm’s location at the end of many of your keywords for even better results. 

By the end of this process, you may find that you have some real “long-tail keywords” that feel very focused. “Big rig accident attorney in Silverlake,” “motorcycle accident attorney in Van Nuys” – you may think “that’s too limited.” 

But, that’s exactly what someone who is in need of those services, in that location, is likely to search online for. 

SEO for lawyers

Building Good SEO for Lawyers  

For many, that’s the beginning of the lawyers’ SEO process. 

If, at any time, you want to try out new keywords or are tired of the ones you’re using, start the process again. 

You can use the above at any time. 

So much of what’s effective in SEO changes. Google makes one update or another and everything has to be done all over again. 

This process isn’t like that. 

The above will help you to find better keywords for your practice for many years to come. 

As SEO changes, however, it can behoove your firm to have someone on your side who does this professionally. 

Alternatively, you may not have time to do as in-depth research on your keywords as you would like. 

We can help. 

For a free consultation with our law firm SEO experts, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.