How the Twitter Purge Affects Social Media Marketing?

Numerous retailers lost thousands of Twitter followers after the company purged all fake accounts. But how does it affect social media marketing?

Recently, Twitter cracked down on fake accounts causing a reduction in the number of fans that some accounts have. During the purging, Twitter contacts the owner of the account if it detects some changes in behavior, like having spam-like tweeting patterns. If the owner won’t respond or reset his/her password, the social media site will lock the account and eliminate the profile.

Now, a lot of people are wondering whether or not it is good for retailers. Fortunately, the purging is good, not just for retailers, but also for influencers and brands.

Having a drop in fake fans or followers will only assist marketers in discovering authentic influencers or people. Retailers can measure their impact better. They can also focus on their marketing activities on people who want to engage with them.

Setting Objectives to Your Social Media Marketing 1

Those fake followers were not valuable to your brand or to anyone who wishes to have authentic engagement. It’s a huge benefit for advertisers as they can now make better decisions. SEO experts, too, will benefit from it as their follower count will reflect how popular they really are.

For SEO, the purge is a good move. A lot of marketers and brands waited for the purge to be enforced. When it happens, it made Twitter a more trustworthy social media site to consume content. And if you’re a marketer, you’ll be more confident that your campaign will reach real consumers.

And for your outreach campaigns, you can easily identify accurate influencers and consumers. Keep in mind that SEO’s role in social media marketing is to increase brand awareness. And Twitter has become a more important tool to achieve it.

If you have a reduction in your bot followers, you’ll likely have performance data become more reliable. The reason for this is that interactions with your content are more genuine. And you should also consider that more followers don’t always signify a better campaign.

With the purging, you can now focus on the quality of your followers. Keep in mind that quality interactions are the ones that truly affect your campaigns.

It also makes it easier for you to find out the people you can trust. You’ll be happy to know that you’re publishing your post and feeding it to actual people and not bots.

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