How Redirects Affect Your SEO Results?

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Redirects are a vital step in optimizing your website. Our web development Los Angeles team implements them when necessary. They can maintain not just page ranking but also reputation gained through backlinks and traffic.

It is vital to use them properly to avoid losing your PageRank. They have to be constructed properly. In that way, any value earned from backlinks, for example, will go through the redirect to the latest page. As a result, it maintains rankings in the SERPs. It can also prevent reducing traffic and revenue.

However, there are various types of redirects. It is vital that you use the right kind of redirect according to its purpose. If you are not sure, it is best to work with a web development agency in Los Angeles. In that way, you can avoid losing your ranking and experiencing a reduction in traffic.

What Redirect To Use For SEO?

A lot of SEO experts believe that 302 redirect is the best type for SEO. But it still depends on your purpose.

If you want to move content permanently from one page to another, then a 301 redirect is vital. This type will help the search engines better understand that your URL has moved permanently to a new location that has equivalent content.

Gary Illyes, Google’s spokesperson, stated that 300 level server-side redirects, like 301, pass PageRank. If you are simply targeting Google, then you do not have to bother about redirects. All you need to do is to use it appropriately. Doing so will not result in indexing issues with Google.


Then again, it is vital to remember that Google is not the sole search engine in the world. In the US, some Internet users are utilizing Bing.

According to Bing’s webmaster guidelines, the use of a 301 permanent redirect is preferred when you move content. It is especially useful if the move is permanent. The right redirect for a temporary move is 302. The 302s that look permanent are considered 301s. They pass link equity.

Another way to use 301 redirects when you bought URLs containing misspellings of your own domain, you can use 301 to redirect your traffic to the correct site.

Is 301 Redirect The Same As Rel=“Canonical”?

The rel=“canonical” tag is to show the primary and original company when duplicate content has to exist. Thus, when you move a page, it is ideal to use a 301, rather than the said tag. That said, these two are not the same.

How About The Security Of Your Site

Some cases could leave sites open to abuse by spammers, even if they are structured properly. They trick users into landing on their pages that look like yours but they contain malware and undesirable content.

Choose a Reputable Web Development Agency in Los Angeles

Moving your content can be tough especially if you are not sure what you are doing. That’s why we recommend hiring a reputable web development agency in Los Angeles, like Website Depot, to perform this task for you. As mentioned earlier, redirects will not affect your page ranking as long as you do it correctly. Contact our team today to know more about redirects: (888) 477-9540.