How Online Marketing for Lawyers Mirrors What Lawyers Tell Clients 

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Here at Website Depot, we always keep our clients as much in the loop as they want to be. 

If they want to be really “hands-on,” to be involved in every part of the process, we’re glad to do that. 

Should they want the opposite, for us to run everything and check back in with them occasionally, we can do that, too. 

It’s always rewarding to sit down with a client, go over how we want to help them, and get their input. 

That means communicating with many different kinds of clients on their terms. 

One thing we’ve found as we’re putting together our best attorney SEO: how we talk to attorneys and other clients is very similar to how lawyers talk to their clients.



Use Resources Available to You 


When someone’s hurt in an accident, for example, an attorney will give them plenty of advice. Maybe they’ll tell them about ways that the law firm can help the injured client to receive medical care on contingency. 

If the client is filing for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy attorney will let them know all of their available options, working with them to find the right ones. 

Should a client have suffered an injury at work, a workers’ compensation attorney will tell them all of the ways that they can use workers’ compensation law to get what they deserve. 

Attorneys tell clients how to use the resources they have available. 

The same holds true for online marketing. 

When we work with attorneys, very early on in the process, we have them take advantage of all of the free resources. Google My Business, directories, and so many others – many of our attorney clients don’t realize all of the resources that are out there for law firms to grow online. 

Often, one of our first actions is to help them get set up (and in the right way) on all of those and more. 



“Film the Evidence” 


If someone’s hurt in a vehicular accident or on someone else’s premises, attorneys will often say: “document it, if possible.” 

That means using your phone or camera to get pictures of your injuries, where the injury occurred, and more. (Obviously, only do this if it is safe for you to do so.) 

The quality of the pictures/video doesn’t matter. You just need to record it as it can only help your case. 

That’s more or less exactly what we tell clients about video marketing and podcasting. 

It doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Sure, you have to be able to see everything. Do what you can to make it look nice. 

But, it’s the content that matters so much more than the presentation. 

Recording something, even if you don’t think it’s perfect, can be a great way to connect to more prospective customers/clients online. 

As long as it meets some minimum basic requirements, it can only help your business. 

(Here at Website Depot, we have an incredible editor, so that’s always a guarantee.) 



“Hire a Professional” 


Many folks, whether they’re injured in an accident, at work, going through bankruptcy, or anything else, think, at one point or another “I should represent myself.” 

Just about any attorney who practices any kind of law can tell you that’s a bad idea. 

For one, you’ll be going against people who do this professionally in a very high-stakes scenario. 

That’s exactly why you should get professional digital marketing, too. Instead of going against, again, someone who does this professionally all by yourself, you’ll have an entire trained team to back you up. 

To reach such a team, you can call us at (888) 477-9540.