How Many Blog Posts Should Your Website Have?

How Many Blog Posts Should Your Website Have

A blog is vital for your website and its search engine ranking. Business consultant Danny Star does recommend clients include blogs on their websites to help in improving rankings. But how many blog posts should a website have? Is there such thing as too much content on a site? Let’s talk about that here. 

Business Consultant Danny Star Recommendations 

Before you even flood your website with content, make sure that you consider these things: 

Relevance and Quantity 

Indeed, having content on your website is useful. But not all content is equal. If you think you have addressed everything about your niche, it doesn’t mean that you have fully optimized your keywords. As always, the relevance of your content matters more than the quantity of the posts. That’s why it’s ideal to have a few thorough relevant pages, instead of 1000 posts with half-answers. But you can have as many thorough, relevant posts as you want. 

Establish Expertise 

Some content on your site can be used to establish your expertise in your field. For instance, you can write about “how to lose weight” if you are selling weight loss supplements or “how to clean your teeth to avoid cavities,” if you are selling dental products. These topics don’t directly deal with the products you sell. But they are pertinent to your readers who want to lose weight or avoid cavities. 

When you provide them with high-quality information, you’re teaching them how to use your products. As you do that, you’re associating your brand with your expertise in your field. Then again, even though this is useful, you need to avoid wandering from the core topic. Don’t go too far to a point that the subject is no longer connected to your product. 

Update Content 

The relevance of your content is more important than the number of content or posts on your website. But you can expand the content’s lifespan. That is, you can revise your older content. It ensures that it’s doing its job. One way you can update the content is to update its facts and include more relevant detail. The links must also be live and valuable. These things will help in preventing the value of the content to degrade quickly. If your content tackles information that changes quickly, then make sure to update it regularly. 

Include Different Content 

When you talk of content, it doesn’t mean that must be written in text format. Content has different forms. You can include video content. According to Social Media Today, “Selling is about storytelling, and videos are a great way to share a story.” Videos also keep your visitors stay longer. It’s one reason YouTube has millions of users every day. Videos are just interesting to see. 

What Content to Publish on Your Site? 

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