How Links are Useful for Search Engine Optimization?

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Link building is a vital part of search engine optimization. It’s the practice of encouraging site owners to point back to your domain. It’s effective and it’s one of the factors in Google search ranking algorithms. Links are used by search engines to understand the trustworthiness of the site or page. In that case, it’s easy to assume that if a site has a lot of high-quality links, it’s going to rank better than its counterparts with fewer links. 

But is it really necessary to build more links? Is it a good thing for your site’s ranking? Keep reading to find out more. 

Search Engine Optimization in Building More Links 

Links are not Created Equal. 

Although links can help a site rank better, links aren’t created equal. If your site receives a lot of links from low-DA, it may still not rank well compared to sites getting low links but from high-DA sites. It’s one reason that SEO consultants recommend aiming to obtain links from high domain authority sites than from sites with low DA. 

Links from the Same Source May Affect Results 

You may wish to build links from the same source. For instance, you may establish a relationship with a few publishers. Every link from the same source will provide additional referral traffic. However, this method may affect the authority factor. That’s why it’s more important to build links from different sources than to build links on the same sources. 

Links Don’t Necessary Increase Referral Traffic 

Link building is a vital part of SEO. It’s true. It can generate more organic traffic for your site. However, just because a site links to your site, it doesn’t mean that the visitors of that site that links to yours will click the link and visit your page. The reason for this is that some sites are better at generating referral traffic than others. It all depends on the context and how it provides value to its readers. In that case, it’s better to find sources that can help your site generate more referral traffic. 

Building Too Many Links in a Shorter Period  

Even though links are essential, you should not aggressively push for more links. Google warns that if you build too many links quickly, say a few weeks, its algorithm can detect it and consider it as spam. As a result of this strategy, your site could face a penalty. Keep in mind that if Google penalizes your site, it will lower your rankings and any gains you have enjoyed will be for naught. 

Link Volume Matters 

In any SEO effort, links are always part of the strategy. In that case, you should still make an effort to build a higher volume of links. But make sure that these links come from high DA sites. And don’t build them in a short amount of time. Talk to a search engine optimization consultant today to help you build a strategy that won’t attract penalties from Google and other search engines. Call us here: (855) 605-7361.