How Google’s Thoughts on Content Creation can Help 

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“We’re glad to make good content with plenty of value, but we want our content to help us rank higher on Google.” 

We hear that from folks all the time when we’re devising our best SEO in Los Angeles for our clients. 

Content is a great way to reach more potential customers, to make them aware of what you’re offering, and to provide them with something they might not already have. 

Of course, you want to rank higher (and thus, make more money) too. 

So, it makes sense to listen to what Google says about creating content. 

Recently, they put out a short but very insightful blog called, appropriately, “How to Keep Content Coming.” 

I just wanted to add a bit to this from my own experience. Their blog is very much worth your time. 



It’s Easier to “Block Time on Your Calendar” When you “Keep it Fun” 


Producing content can be a real grind. 

That’s true whether you’re doing it for your business, your clients, or yourself. 

It’s been said that social media/producing content is the digital version of “taking out the garbage.” Whether or not you want to at that moment, it has to be done. 

But, that’s the wrong attitude to have about producing content. 

As the quote says in that blog, “if content becomes a chore or becomes too much work, you will start to dread it.” 

That won’t help you or your clients. 

So, “keeping it fun” is important advice. 

You might think: “OK, that’s great for a ‘musician, entertainer, and lifestyle blogger,’ but we have a business that needs constant content. How do I ‘keep that fun’?” 

The same way that you would anything else you may not want to do at the time: make it easier on yourself. 

If you can’t make it joyful (and you might be able to) then make it easier on you, your body, and your mind. 

Reward yourself with a treat afterward. Maybe it’s a break, maybe it’s a light snack, a nap, talking to someone, etc. 

Another way: give yourself some prewriting when you’re in a good mood. If there’s something I’m concerned about making, I’ll throw together an outline or sketch out some initial thoughts right after (or before) I eat, after having the morning’s caffeine, that kind of thing. That way, I’m in a good mood before potentially dealing with something challenging. Then, when I do sit down to actually do it, I’m not starting from nowhere – I’m already far along in the process. 

That leads to something else I wanted to add to Google’s great blog… 



“Strike While the Iron is Hot” 


This expression (I believe) comes from blacksmithing. The idea is that you can fashion the best metalworks when the iron is (literally) hot, as opposed to when it’s cold and it becomes rigid. 

The same holds true for your content. 

If you have a bunch of ideas all at once, write them all down. 

Or, if you’re in a real “groove” writing blogs/making videos (or scripts for videos) do it until you’re exhausted. 

But, you might also want to think about jotting down a couple ideas for future content at the end. 

That way, again, you can come back to it when it’s time to create again. 

Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten about creation is planning out what’s going to happen next before you do it. That doesn’t mean you stick to it rigidly, but jotting some thoughts down at night about what you’re going to do tomorrow can be invaluable. 

Content creation is, in so many ways, as much about the process as the product. It’s very, very difficult to create great content consistently if you don’t have a process that’s conducive to doing your best work. 

If you’re always “pushing yourself,” if you’re always “straining,” then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to always be at your best. 

But, by being as creative with your process as you would be with the content, you can find the process that works best for you, your team, your business/clients, and more. 

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