How Does Specialized Content Impact Attorney SEO?

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Are you feeling a bit stumped as to what kind of content to create for your law firm? Or, are you wondering exactly why you have to create attorney SEO content at all? Content is, of course, crucially important for your SEO and digital marketing strategy. However, what you need is specialized content. As a lawyer, your content not only has to be compelling but also must meet some basic ethical standards, too. You can’t make sweeping, deceitful guarantees about what you can do, and so forth. 

Over the years, we’ve found that some content strategies work better for lawyer SEO than others. Standing out from other attorneys in your field (and even in your geographic area) is difficult. By creating quality, specialized content, you give yourself the best chance of succeeding. 

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Context: What Specialized Content Always Provides 

At its very basic minimum, context is what your legal content provides. It provides information. It lets the world know who you are, what you do, and how you can help. You’ll note the use of the word “world” and not “prospective clients.” That’s because legal content creation isn’t just about reaching out to people, it’s about reaching out to search engines (and their web crawlers) too. 

Content provides context to their web crawlers. It lets them know who you should be ranked against and how highly you should be ranked. The better your content, the better chance that you’ll be ranked higher. “Better” has many meanings in this context. It means having content that provides value, valuable information, insight, and more. 

It also means people are spending more time on your site consuming your content, thus lowering your “bounce rate” as well. Search engines (Google in particular) take all of that into account when determining your ranking. Thus, great content (which provides context as well as value) gives you a better chance to stand out from the rest. 

Backlinks: Some of the Rewards of Great Traffic 

If you create great, specialized content, then the odds are good that someone else is going to want to share it. As you might imagine, this can help your SEO tremendously as well. Web crawlers (again, Google in particular) are greatly impressed (for lack of a better word) when your content is shared by high-authority sites. They figure (correctly) that if a trusted authority trusts you, then you are to be trusted. This makes sense, as it’s essentially how “word of mouth” reviews work as well. 

Without great content on your site, you’re less likely to have this happen. Sure, someone may mention your law firm in the context of how good you are at practicing the law, yet they won’t have anything in particular to “share.” In this way, great content can become a calling card of sorts, something that people find that leads them back to you. 

Getting these backlinks, this “off-page SEO” can drive referral traffic to your site, thus leading to more clients. What’s one effective strategy for this? Niche content creation. 

That may sound paradoxical, (“if I’m trying to get more people to look at what I do, why am I creating content for a narrower niche?”) But, it’s actually very effective. By creating specialized content that’s precisely targeted, you can be seen as an authority in many ways. 

Examples of this include landing pages (“bankruptcy attorney on Van Nuys,” “car accident attorney in LA,” etc.) as well as service pages (“what to know about Chapter 11 bankruptcy,” “what to do after a car accident,”) and more. 

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Your Authority Can Lead to Traffic and More Leads 

Specialized content can build your authority. It does this through showing, through demonstrating how much you know about the law and how good you are at what you do. Better content demonstrates your authority, to prospective clients and search engines alike. You have legal expertise. The more you can demonstrate that through your content, the more trust you can build with those who consume your content and web crawlers. 

This is one more area where having content beyond the written word can be vital. Some of the best, most compelling content for lawyers is testimonials from satisfied clients. Simply a short video from someone you’ve been able to help can be very potent indeed. For one, it can be harnessed in any number of ways. 

You can put the video on your site, you can break it into little clips and put it on social media. Indeed, you can break it into little clips and use it in YouTube ads, you can make audio clips for audio ads and even podcasting, and so much more. Beyond that, when it comes to “specialized content,” there’s practically nothing more “specialized” than a client you help explaining in clear, honest terms how you helped them. 

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Attorney SEO Professionals 

The above paragraphs touch on just some of the benefits of specialized content. There are many, many more. Now, it’s perfectly understandable to look at that and think: “OK, that all sounds great, but I’m not going to have time to be able to do all that.” Absolutely. Indeed, that’s one of the major reasons that so many law firms hire digital marketing agencies. Not only can the right agency create the content, but they can also optimize it (as well as your website, social media, and everything else) so that you’re getting more out of it. 

That’s where we come in. Here at Website Depot, we’ve helped firms all across the country (who practice all different kinds of law) to be able to have content that provides value, that helps their clients, that drives conversions, and that they’re proud of. For a free consultation with our attorney SEO experts, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.