How Does Content Marketing Impact on Lawyer’s Websites and SEO

lawyer website SEO
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You know that content marketing can help your law firm. 

That said, your time is limited. 

So, you want to create the most effective content marketing possible. 

Content marketing, lawyer website SEO can all work together. 

Combined, they can help you to climb Google rankings. 

That said, good content marketing isn’t exclusively about aiding SEO. Additionally, it can be about making certain people see your law firm as you want it to be seen. 

lawyer website SEO


What the Best Content Marketing for Lawyers Does 

Content marketing for lawyers is more than just blogs. 

Video marketing. Podcasting. Writing eBooks, creating infographics, even emails – those are all a kind of content marketing. 

We’ve found that many of our lawyer clients (at least, when they initially come to us) are surprised to learn that some of the best content marketing contains no “selling.” 

Content marketing doesn’t have to just say: “hey, you should hire us” or “give us your case,” etc., whether in context or subtext. 

Rather, it should show your expertise, your authority. 

Instead of saying “hire us” much of the best content marketing for lawyers says “this is why we’re an expert and how we can help you.” 

This, instead of just “selling,” provides value. 

A podcast where a personal injury attorney explains how to deal with catching COVID-19 at your job in terms of workers’ compensation, a “how-to” video in which a bankruptcy attorney lays out the differences between Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcies – a layperson will leave either of those having truly learned something. 

Those are just a few examples. There are many different ways that lawyers can use content marketing to show just how they can help potential clients. 

Content Marketing Best Practices 

If you’ve read these blogs for any length of time, you know that before you create your content, you have to know which keywords you want to target and so forth. 

Once you’ve determined that, you can engage with content marketing in earnest. 

Focus on what works best for you but don’t shy away from something that might be a bit outside your “wheelhouse,” so to speak. 

We’ve had plenty of clients who thought “I’m not that good on camera” or “who would want to listen to me do a podcast” only to draw in so many new clients from exactly those methods. 

Whether you’re just starting out with content marketing or you’re trying to build on what you’re already doing, always remember to look at your analytics. 

Staying on top of what’s performing well for you and what isn’t keeps you from ever “falling into a rut” with your content marketing, enabling you to continue growing. 

lawyer website SEO

Good Content Marketing for Different Kinds of Potential Clients 

Not everyone who consumes your content marketing does so for the same reasons. 

This may seem paradoxical. 

“I’m a bankruptcy attorney,” you may think, “so people are coming to me when they need help.” 

Yes, but different people are going to need different kinds of “help.” 

For example, to continue with the analogy of a bankruptcy attorney’s content marketing, there are those who are just looking for information. 

Perhaps they have an awareness that they’re having problems with debt and finances and are just looking for information so that they can avoid the worst. 

There may be those who are a bit “further along,” so to speak, and are at the stage where they’re considering whether or not to hire a bankruptcy attorney. 

Then, there are potential clients who are looking to hire an attorney right now. They want to find which one has the services they need at a price they can afford. 

Your content marketing should speak to each of those. 

Keeping that in mind can help you to deliver better content. If you’ve created plenty of informative content, for example, it might be time to create something that shows your services, what it will cost, and so forth. 

Following the above can help you to connect to as many potential clients as possible throughout every phase of their journey. 

Drawing Leads and Converting Them 

You might have read the above and thought: “OK, that sounds great. But, I’m only doing this content marketing to convert more leads. How does any of what you’ve said help?” 

Because it gives you the best chance to connect to them. 

Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. 

They have a concern or want to know more about something. 

So, they turn to Google. 

“Do I have a personal injury case?” 

“What are the workers’ compensation laws in California?” 

“Estate lawyer near me.” 

Those are just some of what they might search for. 

Then, they’ll come across many different kinds of lawyer content marketing. 

Odds are, plenty of potential clients are going to click on something that speaks to their specific needs. 

You want to have content that does exactly that. 

If they click on your content, you have a real chance to convert them. 

Should you have plenty of high-quality content, the odds are good that these potential clients are going to spend more time on your page. 

That’s great for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it will help your site’s SEO performance. 

To help “close the deal,” so to speak, you want to have what’s called a “lead magnet.” 

It’s something you can give a potential client in exchange for their contact information. 

Maybe it’s a PDF explaining what to do if you’re injured on someone else’s property, who could benefit best from what chapter of bankruptcy, what to do immediately if you’re in a vehicular accident – it could be anything that provides value. 

Then, once you have that content info, you can email them, stay in contact with them, and have that much better chance to convert them into a client.

lawyer website SEO

A Lawyer Websites SEO Partner 

As you may have surmised from reading the above, high-quality content marketing is not done “overnight.” 

It needs to be developed over time and delivered consistently. 

At the risk of gross understatement, lawyers are busy. 

While you may want to be able to write and create all of your content marketing yourself, it’s perfectly understandable that you just don’t have the time to do so. 

Here at Website Depot, we’ve helped lawyers who practice essentially all kinds of law to have the kind of content marketing that they feel represents them and their authority. 

We can do the same for you. 

For a free consultation about this and all of our other SEO for lawyers services, call (888) 477-9540.