How Digital Marketing Podcasts Help SEO 

digital marketing podcasts
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Have you tried writing blogs, making infographics, starting social media feeds, and other conventional tactics to grow your company’s SEO? All of those, done right, can really help your digital marketing, SEO, and so much more. However, there’s a newer way to create content that can connect to more of your potential customers while helping you to climb the Google Rankings: digital marketing podcasts


Many business owners, marketers, and the like are understandably reticent about recording a podcast and putting it out into the world. However, it’s much easier to do than so many realize and it can help in many, many ways.  

digital marketing podcasts

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Podcasts Beyond SEO 


Perhaps the best, most fundamental way to look at a podcast is to see it as a way to give your business greater humanity, a more human touch. So many of our clients are, for example, attorneys. These podcasts show potential clients that the attorneys know what they’re talking about, they know how to present themselves, they can explain complicated terms easily and they’re warm, compassionate people. 


No matter what industry you’re in, your podcast can do the same for you. Beyond all of that, podcasts are great for networking. You can have other experts in your field on your podcast and, in time, odds are they’ll ask you to be on theirs as well. That can lead to, as you might imagine, plenty of backlinks. Those can be good, solid, organic backlinks as well. 


Podcasts enable you to connect to potential customers/clients at times and in ways that other forms of marketing cannot. Folks can listen to a podcast when they’re in the car, out for a walk, watching TV, cleaning, or some other activity when they’re unlikely to be exposed to Google Ads and the like. 

digital marketing podcasts

Getting the Most SEO “Bang” for Your Podcasting “Buck” 


One of the most effective ways to help your SEO through your podcasting is also one of the most overlooked: transcription. Make sure you have a transcription of your podcast. Moreover, make sure that transcription has all of the keywords you want to rank for, too. Treat this transcription like a blog entry, optimize it and lay it out the same way. 


Now, in podcasting (just as in SEO blog writing) you don’t want to get into “keyword stuffing” here. The best podcasts, we’ve found, are the ones that are conversational, where an expert is explaining something about their business to an interested, attentive host. So, yes, the keywords that your business wants to rank for will most likely come up in this conversation without having to be “forced” or anything of that nature. 

digital marketing podcasts

A Place to Find Your Podcast 


You may have read the above section and thought: “OK, that sounds great, but where am I going to put this transcription?” Well, the simple answer is: in as many places as possible. YouTube. Apple. Stitcher. By the time you read this, it’s entirely possible there will be another new, popular place to find digital marketing podcasts of all kinds. 


That said, you’re going to want a dedicated podcast page on your site as well. This page is where you’ll put the episodes, where you’ll link back to, and more. Make sure to optimize it as you would any other page on your site, too. 

Getting Started With Podcasting is Easier Than You Think 


Here at Website Depot, almost all of our podcasts involve multiple people. It could be our host talking to a client, our host talking to someone who works at the company, multiple WD workers talking to each other, or something similar. We don’t do many solo podcasts. 


That said, you certainly can! They can be greatly beneficial. All you need to do a podcast is a phone/computer and a mic. You can find a decent one for $25 (or less) on Amazon. That’s it. You can start recording a podcast today, in fact. 


So many business owners tend to think some version of: “Oh, I’m not right for a podcast.” Sure you are. You are because you are an expert. Specifically, you’re an expert in your particular industry. Thus, you have useful, interesting knowledge to impart. You don’t need to have a great voice, years of theater training, or anything similar. All you need is your expertise; all you need is what you already have. 

digital marketing podcasts

Digital Marketing Experts 


Here at Website Depot, we’ve helped so many companies to improve their SEO in a variety of ways. Yes, through podcasts, but also through more traditional methods of marketing, such as blogs, website design, social media marketing, reputation management, and more. To see how we can help your business with essentially every aspect of your social media marketing, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.