How Danny Star Digital Marketing Service Can Move Your Marketing Campaign Online?

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This is an unsettling time. Many small businesses are struggling as they failed to adapt to the online platform before the coronavirus outbreak. They now find it difficult to drive revenue. But you are not alone. Don’t worry though as Danny Star digital marketing service is here to move your offline marketing strategy to digital. 

Danny Star Digital Marketing Service in Building Strong Digital Strategy 

Things are getting crazier now while we are still waiting for the COVID-19 cases to subside or plateau. But your business will suffer if you wait for it to happen. Many of your competitors are going digital now. 

Danny Star and his team are digital marketing experts that can create a kickass strategy that increases traffic while driving a lot of leads. 

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What Can You Do to Move to Digital Marketing? 

Offering Value 

One of the main concerns of many of our clients who are just starting out in digital marketing is how to get found online. Indeed, you can try search engine optimization (SEO). However, the results take a lot of time to reach. Although SEO is necessary to ensure that the search engines will see your content, you must offer value to your audience. Keep in mind that when you are giving value to your audience, they will stay longer on your site and read more. And the search engines will take it as a positive user experience. To offer value to your readers, you need to be helpful. Your readers want to be educated and entertained. Thus, you must think about the many ways you can teach your readers that they want to learn. For instance, if you are selling resistance bands, you should teach them about the best exercises they can in the morning using the bands. You may offer some illustrations as part of your content to facilitate their learning. Another way to create value for your audience is to allow them to think while they are reading your post. By creating content that makes them think, you let them connect with you, making them read more of what you need to say. In addition to adding value to your blog, you should also join the social media conversations. Social media platforms will help your site get found by the right people at the right time. However, you need to add value to the conversation. Don’t spam your audience or followers by asking them to follow you. 

Use Video Marketing

Video is a versatile digital marketing tool that boosts your conversions and sales. Just by adding a product video on your page will boost your conversions by up to 80%. Of course, the number will depend on how the video goes. Does it appear helpful? Does it entertain your readers? It can also lead to sales. If you put an explainer video about a product, the majority of those who have seen it will buy your product. Vision is a human’s most dominant sense. Pictures can boost engagement. Imagine how moving pictures (video) can do to your content. 

Is It Too Late to Move to Digital? 

No, it is never too late to start your digital marketing. After this outbreak, businesses will change their marketing tactics. Most of them will go digital, depending on their target audience. Digital marketing lowers your overall spending. Even if you have a physical store, digital marketing can still help you. Bear in mind that people conduct an online search before they go to the physical shop of a brand. They want to know more about your brand first before they purchase it. Once you put up an online shop, you never have to worry about losing your customers when another outbreak happens. Online shopping’s popularity is surging. People now prefer to shop online than to go to a physical store. However, some individuals would want to look at what you offer online before they visit your physical location. There are more people online now than ever before. They are looking for relevant content that can ease whatever burden they struggle with. If you invest now, you can still compete in the long-term. Your organization has to evolve to go with the changing landscapes. That said, you need to invest in digital marketing to meet your business requirements. With digital marketing, you are leveraging the opportunities of digital technologies and their effects. But before you transition, you need to answer what outcome do you wish to achieve for your business and customers. Your new business model should start from there. Transitioning to digital marketing may be a disruption to your business model. However, it is a necessary disruption if you want your business to survive. If you want to dive deeper into digital marketing, please read our other posts here. Or you may speak with Danny Star, our digital marketing guru. Please call (213) 322-0770 for consultation.