How Can Startups Integrate SEO to Dominate Their Market?


Startups need to be visible to their target market. Their target consumers must find their business online. One of the most effective ways to ensure it will happen is through the optimization of the search engines. It is one of the reasons search engine optimization must be a priority, rather than an afterthought.

When you plan your business, SEO must be a vital consideration.

At SEO Expert Danny, we believe that the startups that prioritize SEO in the business plan development are likely to get better results than startups that neglected SEO in the business plan.

As a startup, how can you achieve SEO success from the beginning?

1. Meet Business Goals

Search engine optimization

(SEO) is all about helping you reach your business goals. SEO is not just about driving traffic to your site. Rather, the right SEO plan will bring the right kind of traffic to your website to help you more.

Crafting the right SEO plan will give you more profit and ROI. It can also boost brand recognition while you enjoy a steady source of targeted leads.

As you maintain your SEO strategy, your business will gain higher customer loyalty and improve business longevity.

The main goal here is to make sure that your brand becomes familiar to your audiences who are likely to purchase your product.

It is vital for businesses designed to solve issues that the target market does not fully recognize.

2. Gather Links from Authoritative Sources

At SEO Expert Danny, we will design a robust SEO plan that helps you earn links from trustworthy, authoritative sources.

Our team of experts does not ignore smaller influencers. They may not have a large audience but they have loyal followers. These small influencers are a great source of links, as well.

Link building is part of any SEO strategy. But we only accumulate links for your startup website that we think likely to help your SEO efforts in the long term.

Earning links from those authority sites requires that you generate content that influencers will consider as interesting in a way that they would want to link to it. That’s why when we generate content for our clients’ website, we do not craft content to target consumer audience but we also keep influencers in mind.

When developing your business plan, make sure that you consider those ways where your product could generate press. One thing to do is to capture the interest of your target market and relevant influencers.

Any SEO strategy must part of a business plan from the beginning. In that way, it strengthens the marketing potential and eliminates the hindrances that could affect your startup’s visibility to a target market.

How SEO Expert Danny Can Help?

SEO Expert Danny

is a Los Angeles SEO agency and it is spearheaded by Danny Star, a Google SEO Expert.

Our SEO Expert agency has been helping local businesses in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and other parts of California by offering them high-end SEO services.

Our team of SEO experts works hard to make sure that our clients will not only experience an increase in their sites’ traffic but we guarantee an increase in their leads and sales.


We positioned ourselves as the best SEO agency in Los Angeles. Our SEO packages and web design services focused on providing the best ROI to our clients. We tailor our SEO services to ensure that we see the specific demands of every business.

Our SEO services focus on assisting local businesses to increase their visibility and exposure, as well as online presence. We analyze our client’s business thoroughly so we can assist them in dominating the search engine ranking.

We have a team of experts who are skilled in producing not just organic traffic but also paid traffic. When you work with our team, we can guarantee that you get better results and awesome experience.

We establish long-term relationships with our clients by offering them top-notch SEO services that can truly deliver.

Our Specialties

SEO Expert Danny

specializes in web designing, digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and various others.

If you need to improve your social media marketing, our team of digital marketers can craft Google and Facebook ads that will guarantee to boost traffic to your site. We are an expert in managing Google Ads and deliver better ROI.

When Will I See Results from SEO?

It is one of the questions of many startups that we have worked with. The SEO results can vary as they hinge on various factors.

However, most of our clients experience a significant increase in organic traffic in two to three months.

If your site has been penalized, it can take longer than three months to see an improvement. You should remember, however, that SEO is a long-term investment and must not be considered as an expense.

Our SEO process works by performing a site audit. From there, we can identify the issues in your site and fix them right away. The goal here is to ensure that Google can crawl your site.

After auditing, we will start optimizing your site for target keywords. Then, our team will design a plan on how to build authority to your site through link building efforts.

Tracking your SEO results is easy. As our client, you will have a custom dashboard that enables you to view your keyword rankings and keep everything under one hood.

Our Local SEO service is geared towards small to medium-sized businesses. Ranking organically is vital to any local business. What’s more important is to show up on Google Maps to attract people in your neighborhood.

Our team of SEO experts will improve your rankings on the local side through building authority. We will also audit your citations to ensure that you have a consistent name, address, and phone number. Local SEO is vital to ensure that you get more customers through our door.

Our national SEO involves huge businesses that require a wider, broader audience. The campaigns that we build at this level are designed for long-term investment. When you compete nationally, you are competing against huge brands with unlimited budgets.

SEO Expert Danny and Your Startup

If you need a high ROI for your startup, then you need to market your business online through the search engines.

SEO is one of the vital marketing methods that enables you to produce high volumes of traffic while enticing qualified leads to your business.

We can give you a competitive edge. It is one of the perks of our clients. We work hard to make sure that your startup’s website will land on the first page of the SERPs for local keywords. You can win more customers and steal your competition’s visitors.

The SEO strategy we implement on your website make your startup relevant to mobile audiences. Keep in mind that most potential leads who are looking for your products are searching from their mobile devices.

If you wish to achieve success in 2019, you must maximize SEO to ensure that you are relevant to your mobile audience.

As we build your strong search engine presence, you can present your startup company as the authority in your industry. It means that you can gather new leads, increase sales and boost traffic.

After optimizing your website, it will show up on the first page of Google search engine results page and your potential customers or clients will see you as an authority in your niche. They will not hesitate to purchase from you or sign up to your newsletters.

One of the vital things that you must consider in 2019 as a startup company is to invest in organic traffic. You must do it soon or you will be left standing there without customers or clients.

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