How Can Pinterest Increase Your E-Commerce Online Sales

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Are you focusing on Facebook alone for your marketing campaign? You might be missing out a lot. Pinterest may not be bigger than Facebook or Twitter, but it’s growing rapidly. It won’t only send you thousands of sales leads, but it can also help you build a more significant brand image.

To learn how to use Pinterest increase your e-commerce online sales, here are some things that you can do.Pinterest

Understand how it works

It’s still a social network and you need to understand how it works and how to reach out to your potential customers. Use the platform in building your online business and getting feedback from your past, existing and potential customers. It will also help in improving your referral traffic.

Create a page

You can never promote your e-commerce on Pinterest if you don’t have a business page. A business profile is different from a personal profile as it lets you engage more with your audience.

It’s easy for your business to get verified. All you need is to confirm your website’s URL, adding credibility to your profile.

Use rich pins

To do this, you need to enable Rich Pins. It’s a great feature of the site that’s specifically designed for an e-commerce website. This feature picks up the price automatically from your product page and displays it with your post on Pinterest.

Gather more followers

To increase e-commerce online sales, you should attract more followers and make sure that they’re engaged with your content. To do this, you should follow other users on Pinterest and engage with them. Respond to their comments. If they have questions, answer them within 24 hours.

Then, if they re-pin your images or even like them, send them a “thank you” message. These are small things, but these actions can gradually improve your follower’s list.

Use high-quality images

Pinterest isn’t like Twitter. It’s a visual site. Users here will only click images that are of high-quality. Make sure that they’re taller and larger to get more engagement.



Don’t just add images to your Pinterest page. Make sure that each image has a clear call to action in the description. This will drive more engagement and traffic to your website. To make it more interesting and compelling, make sure that the CTA requires a response from the other Pinners.

Pinterest has proven to be an effective social networking site to increase e-commerce online sales because it’s based on visuals. But you need to properly use it to maximize its benefits.