How Attorney SEO Can Ensure Your Law Firm’s Site is Ready for Core Web Vitals?

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Core web vitals are part of Google’s algorithm change. The company called it a broad change in its algorithm. These vitals change how Google values websites. Knowing what they are is vital for your site’s health. And attorney SEO can help. But how? 

Attorney SEO to Clean Your Site for Core Web Vitals 

Meeting the new requirements is like cleaning your house and eliminating the nuisances. You can do this on your own but it can take a lot of time. But when you hire an SEO agency, your site will be ready for Google algorithm change in the future. 

Here are some of the things that an SEO agency can do to ensure it’s ready for core web vitals

Modernize Your Site

If it’s a WordPress site, you need to update all plugins. Make sure to update your server and the site files. 

Optimize Images 

In Addition, Images can take a toll on your site’s speed. Heavy images can slow down your site’s loading time. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the images you upload are highly compressed. In that way, they load as quickly a possible. 

Prevent Loading Site with Junk

A lot of things can be considered junk. The videos, online chat, and exit popups can be deemed junk if they affect user experience. These elements can slow down your site’s speed. Analyze your site’s load time and find out what’s slowing it down. And remove those elements. 

Defer Unused Javascript

This involves configuring ES6 modules to ensure Java Script loads on-demand. Then, the agency’s team will minimize unused polyfills. 

Secure Your Website

Sadly, there are still websites today that aren’t using HTTPS. Make sure that your site uses this protocol. Above all, if your site is already using it, then ensure that every page is using HTTPS to guarantee a better user experience. 

Safe Browsing 

If your site has malware, it can hurt your visitor’s experience. Secondly, remove any unwanted links that may lead to spammy websites or sites that distribute viruses and malware. 

Remove Pop-ups 

Some pop-ups are great. But if your site is filled with them, they can surely overwhelm your page. They become a nuisance, instead of useful. In other words, remove them to improve user experience. 

Measuring Core Web Vitals 

Before tweaking your website to adhere to core web vitals, you need to measure your site’s performance first. There are various tools for this purpose. However, the most popular ones are the following: 

  • Google search console
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Lighthouse

In Conclusion, here at SEO Expert Danny, we use all three of them and other proprietary tools to monitor our clients’ website performance. As a result, they can help us make a quick audit and obtain detailed results about the performance, and gain suggestions on how to improve the scores. 

Improve Core Web Vitals

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