Having Responsive Web Design Will Improve Your Ranking

Mobile web searches are becoming more common, these days. Thanks to the popularity of smart phones and tablets. By 2018, it is expected that the majority of Internet traffic will come from non-desktop, non-laptop devices.

Recently, Google stated that it prefers to rank highly those sites with responsive design, which comes with frameworks that can automatically detect device being used in order to view the site and organize itself accordingly. If your site is not, you might be penalized and your ranking might drop.


Why Google loves responsive web design?

Google strives to provide its users best user experience. With responsive web design, users will have a better view of the site they are visiting, regardless of what device they are using.

Apart from giving visitors the best user-experience, responsive design will also make it easier for Google and other search engines to index your site.

Unfortunately, some websites do not play the game yet. Although their sites can be easily viewed using mobile devices, they are using separate mobile version. This will result in Google indexing their sites multiple times.

Mobile algorithm update

Google just released its mobile algorithm update. When you use Google search engine, you will find the phrase “mobile friendly.” This phrase is added to websites that met their standards for mobile-friendly websites.

This algorithm allows users to know which sites are mobile responsive and adaptive to smart phones and tablets. If your site does not adhere to those standards of Google, your website could get lost in mobile search rankings, resulting in a significant drop in your overall rank.

Why you should be worried?

It is not just about Google ranking but it is all about traffic. If your site is still using a separate mobile version, you must act now. Bear in mind that more and more users are utilizing their mobile devices in searching and using the Internet. If yours is not mobile-friendly, you would have fewer visits. This means lower sales or leads than companies with websites that are mobile-friendly.

A great portion of searchers utilize mobile phones. Thus, it would be a poor choice for Google to continuously rank your mobile-unfriendly sites.

But, of course, you must not forget about making your site load quickly. It is not just about providing a mobile-friendly website but it is also about providing your users with the best user experience even if they use their smart phones through slow Internet connections.

Make sure that your site loads fast to assist your visitors who do not have fast data plan or Internet connection.

By making your website design responsive, you can ensure that you are providing your potential clients a good mobile experience. Regardless of the screen size your visitors are using, your website design will adapt to it.

If you want to create a responsive design that loads quickly, you should consult with our website designers. They can provide you the best responsive web design to help you with your rankings.