Have the Rules on Search Engine Optimization Changed Again?

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If you are struggling with your search engine optimization, you may be tempted to think that Google has gone and changed the rules again. For the most part, Google determines who SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works because they are the biggest search engine in the world. Google sets the rules, and other search engines, web spiders, and online directories follow. In fact, most directories and web spiders now simply search Google’s database itself rather than making their own. So, since Google sets the rules, have they gone and changed them again?

The Penguin Left Us Cold

If you are a veteran of the SEO world, then you will remember big Google updates like the Panda and Penguin. It reshaped the online world in a massive way and left a scar on the memories of all webmasters around the world.

These were big changes that made people change the way they did their online search engine optimizing. Yet, the biggest change came from the Google Hummingbird update, which altered the way that Google works entirely. Now, Google uses big data and user input to figure out what people want. We now receive a personalized service rather than a broader service. This means that if you search for something, and your neighbor next door searches for the same thing, then you may both receive very different results.

Should I Change My SEO Again?

Nothing has changed recently in regards to how search engine optimization is conducted. If you are experiencing trouble with your online ranking, then it is probably because of the movements of your competitors. Large and small companies have SEO teams working night and day to conduct their online search engine marketing. As a result, the search engine landscape is changing all the time as one company fights another for superiority. Sadly, the ones caught in the crossfire, the smaller businesses and smaller websites, are often the ones who are damaged by the ongoing online war.

Are There Any Options For Smaller Companies?

You need to set your own SEO team onto the task. You need a team working on your search engine optimization day and night. The aim is not to compete with the larger companies because that is impossible. Larger companies have massive teams, lots of technology, and the help of already-established websites and networks. Your goal is to set up or hire an SEO team to help draw traffic and sales from the cracks in the market that the bigger companies leave open as they fight for superiority.

As the online landscape shifts and changes, you need a company on your side who can anticipate changes and set your SEO so that you gather up the traffic the bigger companies cannot handle. Your job is to soak up the water that spills from the over-filled customer buckets of bigger companies.