Has Your Businesses Webpage been Penalized by Google Due to Hacking?

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We’ve recently been approached by a number of local businesses that have been penalized by Google because they’re businesses website had been hacked. This can seriously damage a business’s online reputation and is beginning to have a broad impact on businesses all over the country.

Website Depot Improves Business Google Search Engine Ranks

At Website Depot, we’ve been helping our clients improve their Google Search Engine Rank and conversion rates for years. We often consult on SEO and social media for major brands, mom and pop shops and everything in between. Just last week we were approached by a local business owner whose businesses webpage had been hacked and consequently penalized by Google’s strict ranking adjustment program. Unfortunately, being penalized like this by Google can cause a business’s webpage to drop so many places in ranking that they’re no longer on the first, or second page of Google Search results. Which in turn can seriously effect that businesses performance.


Get the attention your business deserves!

While Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update seems to have captured the majority of page view-pumping SEO posts, awareness for SERP hacking and the consequential Google Search Result penalties have seen relatively few screaming SEO headlines. However, Websites depot is already successfully reinstating our client’s business websites to their original Google Search ranking in as little as a week! Contact us for more information!

Can Hacking Negatively Impact my SEO and Google Search Ranking?

The simple answer to this question is yes, absolutely. If you’ve recently come to the realization that your businesses webpage has been Penalized by Google for reasons unknown to you, your webpage may have been hacked by a competitor. At Website’s Depot we’ve already helped a number of our clients reinstate their websites search engine rankings back to the front page after being hacked. Additionally, we can help protect your businesses website from future hacking attackers so that you’ll never have this problem again.

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If it’s recently come to your attention that your businesses webpage has been penalized by Google because your businesses webpage has been hacked, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible! Website Depot can help you reclaim your rightful place at the top of Google Search’s first page of results! We have the experience necessary to make sure that your businesses web site is receiving the traffic and attention that it deserves. Contact us today at 231.457.3250. We look forward to getting to know your company to best serve its needs and your preferences!