Google’s TV Ad Infrastructure

Google believes that television is the final frontier. Hence, it’s doing its best to become an essential player in the TV ad infrastructure. That’s why it tries to convince various TV companies to use its video ad tech software. That way, it can help in displacing Comcast. So it’s important to understand Google’s TV Ad Infrastructure to stay in tune with this new feature of the giant search engine.

Nowadays, US TV ad market is $72 billion. But the TV business is still wary of Google’s vision. To help Google in becoming an integral player in the TV ad landscape, it started its goal with Star Trek, which is shown on CBS. CBS has a slow subscription service. Its CBS All Access relies on Google’s technology in delivering ads. Although the partnership will not change the structure of the TV ad business, it’s still a win-win situation for Google.

Understanding Google’s TV Ad Infrastructure

For the last decade, Google attempted to make its way into TV, but it failed. Over the previous six months, however, it’s quietly selling its ad serving software to TV players, making Google a competitor of Comcast, a cable giant company that owns Freewheel. Currently, it’s stated to be the leader in providing ads to people who are streaming TV shows on the Internet.

Google has discussed things with giant TV companies about some partnerships. These deals would provide TV companies some advantages as they adopt Google’s ad technology. For instance, they could access Google data to help them in making better ad targeting. But the stakes are high because most individuals are still streaming ad-supported TV content through their smartphone apps or TVs. If the Internet search giant could make its way to the TV ad ecosystem successfully by providing software for ads flow, it might have a chance in taking up more avenues in the TV landscape.

A glance to the future

Although it’s a newbie in TV production, Google has a long track record in ad serving technology. Its business is the most commonly used ad platform of publishers and advertisers to provide web ads at the right place and at the right time. But Google will face significant challenges. The TV industry is afraid of programmatic advertising. It also fears that Google will have more power. However, Google isn’t the only one that tries to conquer TV ads. Facebook, too, is running some tests with some video partner to help in using the social network’s robust consumer data in targeting TV ads. There’s also Amazon that streams NFL games as a way for it to tip its toe in TV ads.

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