Google’s Fuchsia is Out

Google is said to be developing a new operating system. Its name is Fuchsia. No one knows what this OS is for. However, its source code is already out to the public.

Google employees are developing this new open-source operating system. In the cryptic description, the OS says “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia.” This description is found on the GitHub page. You can also view the code on GitHub and Google Source.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t reveal much about the project. Even though the source code is there, there’s no official announcement from the company. It also didn’t explain the purpose of the OS.

So, a lot of people are asking why it’s already out to the public if no one from the company wants to comment on it.

But because the OS is open-source, it might as well start as public.

Furthermore, reports showed that the latest operating system could start well on Broadwell and Acer Switch Alpha 12. However, the driver support is still coming.


When you look at the source code, the latest operating system is based on Magenta, which is a combination of microkernel and a set of services and hardware drivers. It’s indeed a significant departure from the Linux kernel.

The new operating system also includes Escher, which is a renderer that offers color bleeding, lens effect, and others. That means Fuchsia won’t be just an embedded OS, but it’s also capable of a graphical user interface.

The application framework is Mojo while the primary programming language is Dart.

What Fuchsia is for?

Since there’s no comment yet from Google about the development of Fuchsia, it’s too early to say that this new operating system will replace Android or Chrome OS. However, everyone can say that it’s an interesting project considering its departure from Linux.

Even though it’s been out, this project is long-term. It means that it can take a few years before it’ll be ready for a consumer release. But developers are encouraged to look into it so they can start developing something out of the source code.

Although Google didn’t release further information about the project, we’ll soon be hearing about it in the future. It’s also interesting to know the plans of Google for developing this project.

Will it be to replace Android and Chrome OS? Or is it for something else? It could also be a base for a new Android. Or it could also be another project that won’t go anywhere.