How Google Uses Deep Learning AI?

How Google Uses Deep Learning AI
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Deep learning is a part of artificial intelligence where the magic really happens. Computers are fast, but they’re not very smart as they can’t learn from their mistakes. You need to give them accurate instructions so they can perform a task. With deep learning, the neural networks attempt to mimic how human brains process information. The deep in this concept signifies the use of a neural network. This system is complex that it can process data to perform a more thorough task. It’s influencing innovation, and you can see it in various apps today. One of its users is Google. In this post, let’s take a look at how this company uses deep learning for its products and services.

Why deep learning?

Google uses deep learning because it works. It allows data scientists to solve difficult cases that proved to be challenging for decades. These cases would include speech and image recognition, as well as natural language generation. The company started deep learning exploration in 2011 through the Google Brain project. Then, the following year, they announced the building of a neural network designed to mimic human cognitive processes. They acquired Deep Mind startup in 2014. The startup company started working in connecting current machine learning techniques and advanced research in neuroscience. They created Alpha Go and Go to demonstrate the capacity of their algorithm in learning how to perform a task and become good at it.

How Google Uses Deep Learning AI

Deep learning in mail services

Google also uses deep learning to its services. One of them is the image recognition, where it can sort millions of images uploaded to the Internet that the search engines indexes. As it sorts through millions of images, it can provide users more accurate results. Its image enhancement is another breakthrough of Google that uses deep learning in image analytics. This feature restores or fills in missing details with images. Another Google service that uses deep learning is the Google Cloud Video Intelligence. It focuses on video analytics to new audiences. Videos stored on its servers are analyzed for content and context to generate summaries and security alerts.

Google Assistant uses deep neural network so it can learn and better understand spoken commands and questions. Its translation service also uses deep learning, and it’s on the Google Brain project. YouTube uses deep learning to offer users better recommendations. In here, Google Brain monitors and records users’ viewing habits while they’re watching streaming content from Google servers. All suggested videos will keep users hooked to the platform. Overall, Google pioneers and champions deep learning and bring it to the masses. With its research and investment, users can benefit from deep learning.

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