Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide

Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide
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After over, 7 years, Google revamped its official SEO Starter Guide. It’s a new web-based starter guide that replaces their old 4 PDF one. This new guide includes new sections which highlight the importance of Search Engine Optimization and having a responsive web design, as well as how to add structured data markup. It doesn’t feature any new information about how its algorithms work. This revamped SEO Starter Guide aims primarily to beginners.

Website Depot is a Google Partner Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency. This starter guide is useful for everyone who manages, owns, monetizes or promotes content on the internet through Google Search. And we want you to have full benefit from such useful information. Digital Marketing is the most powerful sales tool. Be ahead of the game and your competitors and you will surely win.

Hire professional SEO Experts

Believe it or not, Google’s new SEO Starter Guide openly recommends to avoid DIY SEO. On the opposite, it is recommended to hire SEO experts to manage your strategy. Such advice is given in the very first chapter of this updated guide. When does Google recommend to hire an SEO expert? ‘The earlier, the better’.

The reason Google makes this recommendation is very simple: it will help ensure your website is completely search engine friendly. Every page in your site as well as your written content must be SEO optimized. At Website Depot, we have a team of Content Writers and SEO professionals who can provide high-quality, SEO friendly content. We can manage your keywords monthly in order to optimize all the sections in your site and make them rank higher in Google.

Google Updates its SEO Starter Guide

The importance of mobile-friendly web design

Let’s keep in mind that Google’s SEO Starter Guide was not updated for 7 long years. A lot has changed ever since, and the use of mobile devices is one of them. Google’s old guide used to focus on the best practices for a proper SEO and made a difference about it between mobile and desktop. The updated version of the guide features the actual state of mobile web. And it highlights the best practices to have a responsive web design for your site, in order to be reached by all type of devices.

The updated guide also advises about a careful linking. As a site owner, you need to pay attention where you are linking out at. Otherwise, “you can confer some of your site’s reputation to another site when your site links to it”. The guide warns about the most common ways people takes advantage of other’s reputation, and how the “nofollow” attribute can fight them.

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